Sunday, July 15, 2012

Food That Defiles A Man

People they asked me what does it mean by food defile a man. In the Bible we read about food that defiles a man like certain meats and things like this. Dear friends I want to warn you about defiles a man today. Jesus said that out of the heart of a man comes every kind of evil desire and evil thoughts and lust, covetousness and many evil things.

Jesus said these are the things that defiles a ma. It is not what goes into the stomach but it is what comes out of a man that defiles him. I want to warn you today that you must separate yourself from the paths of this world and from all sin if you do not want your name he erased from the book of life. There is no other way you must seek to know the Lord Jesus Christ. If you don't know him, if you don't hear his voice, if he doesn't interact with you, if he hasn't freed you from sin, then you don't know him and you are no better off than anybody else out there who doesn't believe in Jesus.

You need to know the Lord is not good enough just to know the Bible and be a Bible seminary, or study the scriptures or go to church and profess Jesus. It is not good enough just to make fancy arguments up about creation and fancy arguments up about who's the best preacher. It is not good enough just to follow along with the apostle Paul's words and the apostle Peter's words. You have to get to know the master and be led by him. There is no other way it is called relationship with Jesus. It's called becoming a disciple of the Lord. It's called having Jesus lead you in your heart. It is called being a servant of God. Why are you content just to listen to others, why don't you become a servant of Jesus too and have him lead you rather than just go and get yourself all confused up when you read the Bible. It is time to know Jesus. And you got to seek to know. Pray and ask seek and look that is the only way....