Monday, July 30, 2012


There are Believers who believe a lie out of the scriptures. They will say that 1 John 1:8 says that we will continue to sin. That is a lie. They say that because they themselves are continuing to commit sin. They are not separate to the Lord. They forgot to read on where it says that he who continues to sin is of the devil. 1 John chapter 3. they also forgot that Jesus said that even one sin he said, you eye that causes you to sin you would be better off to pluck it out rather than be cast whole into the eternal fires of hell. That is because even one bad thought will break your relationship with the Lord and take away your peace. I know that is true. You see he who has comes to the Lord Jesus does not continue to practice sin. He is a child of God and God's seed abides in him so he sins not. Everybody who has been set free from sin by the cross, by the cross at Calvary, by the blood of Jesus, they no longer continue to sin.

As we read in John 8:36 that he who the son of man set free from sin shall be free indeed. You see once you return to Jesus Christ in full submission, you leave your sins. You continue to sin no more. You are sin free because of the power of the cross. But these Christians who quote 1John 1:8 saying that you will continue to sin and if you don't sin anymore it means your self-righteous hypocrite and a liar, they are really disobedient children and they are headed to the fire unless they repent. Because we know that if we continue to sin we are children of the devil. Dear friends let us turn away from all works of evil. Let us focus only on Jesus Christ. Crucified the flesh daily for within us there is nothing good and all forms of evil come out from our heart. So we must not live up to the old man and its dictates, but we must put to death the deeds of the flesh daily and live after Jesus Christ and the spirit. Those who do this will live for they overcome, but those who go on in sin and make excuses saying they will continue to sin every day, because they do, and they used 1 John 1:8 to say it, then dear friends they are not headed to the kingdom of God.

Dear friends be separate from such people. Keep away from sin. Not even one is acceptable before God. Not one bad thought. Not one evil desire. You must crucify them all and be holy. Turn them all out of yourself and don't sin anymore. Jesus set me free from sin so I no longer have to commit sin. I'm set free. Each day I don't sin anymore. I used to sin all the time, but not anymore because Jesus set me free. Now 1John 1:8 says that he who claims he has no sin is a liar and that is true. We all have sinned dear friends, but once we follow Jesus we are set free from that sin that we have, and we're not bound to it anymore and then we no longer practice it anymore.

Don't listen to these Christians who will tell you that leaving sin and being sin free is some kind of self-righteousness and unholiness, because they are just deceived by the devil. Don't listen to them dear friends, just follow Jesus. Allow Jesus to set you free from sin and go and sin no more. Put out all your evil thoughts. Put out every single evil desire. Live for Jesus and he will give you the power to do so. He will give you the power to crucify the flesh and all its desires so you will go sin no more. It's all through the power of the cross. These Christians deny the power of the cross. They don't know that Jesus sets people free from sin because they want to continue in sin or because they're blind. Keep away from such dear friends.

We know that Jesus set people free from sin so they can go and sin no more. So once you are set free don't you go back to the mud. It is possible to go back to sin any day, but don't do it, dear friends. Stay holy, stay clean in the victory the Lord gave you. May the Lord Jesus bless you…....