Saturday, July 21, 2012


A life of loving Jesus is a life of change. Many people will say well Lord I love you yet they haven't changed. They haven't turned away from their own path. You cannot love Jesus if you're not willing to completely dedicate your life to him. It is only when you completely dedicate your life to Jesus that you can truly love him. Those who just want to live for this world and follow sports, and music and movies, friends, family, all these things.

While they just follow these things they cannot fully love Jesus. Jesus himself said that unless you deny yourself and pick up your cross you can't follow me. He says you must love me even more than your family. That's what Jesus said. I found the love of Jesus because he called me and I saw the reality of him. I saw the reality of the kingdom of God and it changed me. I became a new person. The reality of Jesus struck my heart and I decided that I was going to love Jesus, because I wanted to. Because he's the Lord and the Lord God has done so much for us so why can't we love him back. Have you been struck by the reality of Jesus and how he loves you and how he died on the cross for you. Have you been struck by this reality or is your reality just your own life your own struggles, striving after what you want to be in this world.

Is that your reality my friend? That reality is only got heartache and death at the end of it, but the reality of love Jesus being able to love him and sing praises to his name with a pure heart, this reality brings light and holiness and hope and in the end eternal life. What are you living for today my friend. Are you living for the reality of Jesus Christ? Are you living for him in all you do? Or are you living for the reality of your own life, your own goals. You cannot love Jesus while you do that, but if you want to experience the love of Jesus today, come lay aside what you want to do, and let him sort you out, change you, and you go and put him first, live for him love him and your life will change. May the Lord be with you....