Friday, July 27, 2012


You must crucify the old man and reckon it dead daily. I cannot stress this enough. The old man will plead with you if you crucify him and nail him on the cross. He will plead with you to come down every day. But we must not give in to the old man. We must crucify him daily and reckon him dead. All those old ways inside of you. All that evil, we must crucify it and put it out of us daily. Nail him back up there on the cross. When he pleads with you to come down, nail him back up there again. Do not lay down the hammer. Put him up there and do not listen to him no matter how much he pleads with you to come down.

We must reckon the old man dead daily on the cross, otherwise we are going to be caught out and he will take us for a ride to hell. Dear friends if you live by dictates of what your flesh nature wants you to do, even one dictate and one sins that it wants you to do, then you shall indeed perish. But if you by the power of the Spirit put to death these deeds and ways of the flesh daily and follow Jesus, you shall live and find life eternal. You see my friends Jesus did say that if you and endure, you shall be saved. We read also in James, that those who endure under the temptation are blessed and when they have been tested, when they have endured unto the end and not giving in, then they shall receive the crown of life. There is no crown of life for quitters.

If we quit and we go back to the old Man and the ways of the flesh we shall surely be condemned. We will not inherit the kingdom of God. Every time the old man tempts you with a little look a little little desire, a little thought, you go and crucify him today. Nail him back up there on the cross no matter how much he pleads with you. Do not let up. Do not settle for second best. Do not compromise, instead be zealous and repent. Be serious and vigilant, watch always. Pray lest you be overcome. Watch always that you do not fall into temptation. Jesus said that you are blessed if you overcome. He said those who do have victory he will write their names in the book of life.

He said he'll write their names on a white stone and you will not cast them away. Jesus makes it very clear when he talks about those who follow the narrow way of obedience to him. He says they shall inherit the kingdom of God. So what are you doing today? Are you crucifying the old man? Or are you letting him take your life over and you are following his dictates, all that evil you have inside, you just start turning away from.

What you doing with it today? Are you letting it keep you in failure? Are you letting your old man your flesh and your heart get the better of you? Are you crucifying these things or are you just living by the dictates of your flesh? One way leads to life my friend and the other leads to death. Those who followed the dictates of the flesh shall perish but those who put to death the deeds of the flesh daily and live according to the spirit shall live....