Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hi all, today I want to warn you about the consequences of living a life without Christ, and just living your own way in your life without seeking the Lord, without seeking to know him, without repenting of your sins. You see the Lord sent out warnings into the world over the last five years, many warnings too many people. Many prophecies many dreams many visions that have never been seen before. We had events like World War II and we had various calamities since that time, but there has never been an outpouring of warnings like there has been in the last five years.

People great and small all over the world are receiving dreams and visions and warnings about the coming wrath, the coming judgment. We can see in Damascus even now in Syria there's war staring to take shape. We see the world's nations gathering around the Middle East even as we speak. US, Russia, positioning their warships, and soldiers in strategic places. We see the risk of nuclear war and nuclear problem in the world from places like Fukushima and other places in the world where the doomsday clock that they keep for nuclear alert in recent years has been moved very close to the doomsday hour. You can go research that for yourself. What it all boils down to is that if you have been asleep over the last five years just living your own life and doing what you want to do in life without seeking the Lord, you probably did not hear the warning was sent out to many people. And you may be still be asleep even though it's the midnight hour right on the doorstep of the return of the Lord.

You see Jesus has been warning many years now, at least 5 years, that his return is very very near. Nobody knows when but he says that this generation shall see and you don't want to be caught out just living your own life, doing your own thing when the Lord returns, because I tell you truly that if you caught out doing this you will not see the kingdom of God. There is no way no way you shall ever enter the wedding feast of the Lamb let alone enter the kingdom of God dear friend. We have to be serious today and the Lord has already warned many people. He has shown many signs in the last few years trying to shake people to repent to turn away from their sin and to seek Jesus on their knees in repentance.

You see if you seek Jesus in repentance, you shall find him. He hears and he speaks. Now people may not believe that, but that is because you have never sought, and if you never seek you will never find. And what is going to happen is that when disaster unfolds in your part of the world (I know Australia and the US is going to get hit very very hard, but you may not be in those countries) wherever you are whatever unfolds in your part of the world you will need the Lord's guidance to help you in the times to come, and if you have not got his guidance now, then it's going to be too late and you will have nowhere to go and you will be just running around fearful, you won't know what to do. Your family may be in trouble, you may see death all around you. You know these things are not very pretty and that's why I'm warning you today about these things, because not only are world events already unfolding this way, but the Lord Jesus has also warned about this time for at least five years to thousands of people.

You may ask well where are these thousands of people? Well they are here, there and everywhere and I'm one of them. You see the Lord gave a warning dream two years ago and he gave me warning dream last year warning that judgment is at hand which means the judgment of God is coming. What he means by judgment are things that he has written out against the nations because they have forsaken him, and they love sin. You see now we see sin rampant everywhere, we see people acting like zombies, we see abortion triple fold. We see terrible crimes. We see drug abuse everywhere and we see lost and broken people all over. We see financial collapse. We see uncertainty. We see wickedness in the higher government circles.

We see people following the things that the days of Noah did. You see in the book of Enoch we know that homosexual marriages were allowed in the days of Noah, and we know how God destroyed all them, because he got sick of their violence and wickedness. Now what are we seeing today? We're seeing violence and we're seeing wickedness. We're seeing both murder and abortion of children the world over for the sake of of a better life. And we are seeing homosexual marriages beginning to be approved of in the big nations which judgment will fall the hardest upon. You see the Lord has shown me that judgment is coming to the US and it's going to be parts of it destroyed by Tsunamis and earthquake. I've seen it in my dream when I was shown. I saw these things. I know that these judgments are coming but I don't know when, nor do I know how long you have left to get right with Jesus. I don't know when this war is going to take shape which we see in the Middle East even now. But I do know that in 2011 in December I had a dream and in my dream I saw Iran and Israel fighting in war. Now I don't know how big that War is, but I know Jesus is returning very very soon because he wants to take his people home and a lot of trouble is coming for those who reject him.

Jesus said that when I return he said one person would be taken and the other will be left. He said pray and watch that you will be counted worthy to escape these things to come and stand before the Son of Man. Now I'm not saying that Jesus is going to come before you may die. I don't know you might die before he returns. What I'm telling you today is that you must be serious about your life for Jesus today, knowing that you can die at any time for any given circumstance, and then you will face the Lord. And if you face him in your sin and you haven't repented and you haven't turned to the Lord you are going to be in big trouble. That goes for me and that goes for you it goes for everybody on this earth. And that is why I'm here to warn you today, get right with the Lord seek him now, because I myself have seen the coming judgment and it's not going to be pretty. I don't know when. I don't know whether it's years away or upon us but look around you. Have a look at the events that are unfolding in the Middle East. Have a look at the things that are going on in the world today and you tell me. May Jesus bless you ...