Monday, July 2, 2012


There is a common deception amongst Christians that as believers, we will all continue to sin every day they say that this is human nature, that it is normal. That it is something that Jesus will accept. They say that yes we will continue to sin every day, but as long as you try and make the Lord's way your way, then you'll enter the kingdom. I want to tell you right here and now that this is a lie. Truth is that when you have turned away from your sins, and have turned to Jesus, the truth is that if you really were serious about it, Jesus would have set you free from your sin. You see these Christians do not realize or they forget one thing and that is sin has a name. Now they will say that yes we will continue to sin every day. Well what sin little mistakes, like for instance anger. Okay anger. Anger is a little sin that people can do everyday. What does Jesus say about anger? He says that if you are angry with your brother, you will be subject to judgment. Okay what about that little lie.

A little lie is the name of a sin that some people will do everyday. What does the Bible say about lies? We read in one Corinthians that no liars will enter the kingdom of God. What about a little sin such as a lustful thought? We know that Jesus said that those who have lustful thoughts towards somebody are guilty of adultery. We also know in one Corinthians that no adulterers shall have their part in the kingdom of heaven. They will not inherit the kingdom of God. So I want to ask you today what is this little sin that you are doing every day it has a name? All sin has a name. What is the name of your sin today? Is it lust? Is it lying? Is it an anger anger problem? I want to warn you today that these things will not inherit the kingdom of God! No matter how much you say you are striving to achieve perfection. We have to be serious dear friends and follow Jesus standard. He set the standard.

Now what was his standard? He said be you perfect even as God is in is in heaven is perfect. So in order to reach this standard we have to kick out our standard of allowing sin in our life. People are setting their own standards and not listening to the words of Jesus. They're setting their own standards. Dear souls let us stop setting our own standards by saying that we'll all sin everyday. That's your standard not Jesus's standard his standard is written in the Scriptures. It's a lie it's a lie that people believe and they believe. And it makes them have substandard living. It makes them think that it's okay to just repent every day and continue to lie and cheat and lust and all these things. Dear friends we can't do that once we follow Jesus we got to make a firm decision to get rid of every sin out of our life. You got it work with Jesus to do that. If you got a trouble with the sin in your life today, well you go to Jesus about it you work with him. You work it out with him.

You work with him together to get it out. Don't compromise. Don't set your own standard. You get everything out of your life. That's what I'm doing. You work that out with Jesus on every single sin. Not one should you overlook. Not one. A little lie could just stop you from entering the kingdom. Lies don't go to the kingdom dear friends we have to be serious about this. Don't listen to lies stop setting your own standard. Follow Jesus standard his standard is the only one that counts because you're not going to be judged by your standard you're going to be judged by God standard. We got a be perfect we got it get every sin out of our life today once you strive to do this you will be no longer sinning every day. You will have quit your sin. We have to work with Jesus with our failures with our mistakes with our sins that we are doing. Work it out with Jesus. We got to get in one heart and mind with him about it so we can get it out quickly to stop it. You know people say they've stopped the sin and then they say that they repented of it. And then they go and do it again and they continued to do it again. And then again. That's not true repentance. That means you're still bound to it you're not free from that sin. We've got to go to the Lord and we got to work it out today with all our heart and mind. We got to work it out and tell Jesus “I want to be free from this sin I want to have it out of my life out of my heart”. you got to work it out. Never set your own standard saying that, “okay a little sin is okay I just got to repented every night”. never do that dear friends. That little sin is the one that is going to condemn you because you are not turning away from it you are compromising the truth and as Christians we cannot compromise the truth. We cannot make our own standard you know it's just one little sin that has a name that is the one that will condemn you. If you turn away from it and acknowledge to Jesus that it's a sin and you decide to quit that, and you work it out with him, he'll help you stop if you're willing. We cannot stop anything if we are not willing. That goes for evil thoughts and desires in the heart. These desires will rise up in your flesh when you follow Jesus.

Prepare thyself for temptation it's going to come, but when you're following Jesus, you're going to be able to overcome the temptations and these desires when they come into your heart and evil thoughts, cause you are going to bring them into submission to Jesus Christ today. You're going to go putting them all out of your life together and get them out of your head you're going to do whatever it takes to keep them out. They may come in today but you're going to put them out today. You're not going to allow them to continue in your life. You're going to allow Jesus to clean you up and your going to focus your whole heart and mind on Jesus. That's if you are somebody who is seeking to enter the kingdom of God. If you are not and you're just living by your own standard, and you're going on in these little sins that you believe are acceptable, or that you believe that is just a part of life and normal, then you're going to be caught out on the day of the Lord's return and on the day of judgment.

These things are going to come back and bite you dear friends do not let the shame of your past be seen on your face on judgment day. You start working out with Jesus today every single little evil thought desire action of sin word. Work it out with him today. Get them canceled out of your walk with Jesus Christ so that your sin free and it's going to happen. And you're going to start walking sin free in your life every day. No more sin no more sinning at all. Not in the day ever because you're walking with Jesus. You got to keep your mind on him. You know we got to learn from our mistakes. If we do fall then we've got to work it out with Jesus and we got to get out of that and quit these sins that we have fallen to. We've got to work it out now before it is too late because soon there will not be the time to work it out. Let us do so before it is too late....