Thursday, July 26, 2012


People who have got to know Jesus have been changed by Jesus and they live a new way in their life. Many believers they don't know Jesus and they haven't been changed by Jesus and they have never met him so they don't have his peace in their hearts.

I want to challenge you today that if you call yourself Christian and a Bible believer and you go to church, do you know Jesus. Has he changed you. Do you have his peace in your heart. If you don't then you don't know him and you are not yet saved but your poor blind miserable and naked still. Many Christians are on the highway to hell. They still sin they still live in the world and take it easy with the world's people and enjoy everything the world follows and they do not set themselves aside from Jesus because they don't know him. There is no peace in their hearts because they don't have the peace of Jesus in them. They even know about the doctrines and the truth in their hearts about the bible but they don't actually know Jesus.

He is not a reality to them and he hasn't changed their hearts. I want to challenge you today that if you have not met Jesus yet, you don't have his peace and you are still bound in your sins, you don't have his power in you so that when you preach people come to repentance, then get on your knees go seek him. Get to know him. Get him to change you. Have true faith, real faith. Find Jesus for yourself don't rely on anything.

Get Jesus' peace in your heart. Don't stop seeking him until you have it. It is the only way my friends. It is the only way. When I sought Jesus, he changed me. He put his peace into my heart. He came me power to stop sin and now I am striving to attain his standard in my life and keeping away from sins, and if I fall to sin I must repent and continue to walk in holiness with the Lord and you must also. I warn you my friend, do you know Jesus. If not it is time to seek before it is too late....