Monday, July 2, 2012

Believers Will Be Severely Disappointed

There is going to be a lot of trouble on Judgment Day and disappointment for many Christians because they forgot that Jesus said, “you will be called to account for every idle word that you have spoken”. many Christians have forgotten that Jesus said that they do not realize that these little idle words that they are saying today and in the past, are going to come back and judge them. Many Christians have many words in the past towards other Christians and other believers and they have not gone back and apologized for those words nor asked the Lord for forgiveness. Jesus isn't going to overlook our words dear friends.

He is going to make sure that you will account for every little word that you have spoken. There are Christians who have gone against other believers in the past. With unkind words and the words of attack or mean to other believers. Jesus isn't going to overlook those words on judgment day because on judgment day those words are going to come back and bite these Christians. They will be called to account. For the there is going to be a lot of disappointment on judgment day, because Christians are not watching their words. They are just going on and speaking whatever they want to say in the flesh. I know believers who write mean comments to other people, yet they say they serve Jesus. Dear friends they are not going to get away with those mean words. Jesus is going to make them account for every single one of those mean words and he said that they will either acquit you or condemn you on the last day.

We have to be serious about our words and all the words that we speak every single day every hour every minute because it is these words that can come in bite us on the last day and cause us to fall. Christians will say, “well you know, Jesus covers all of these things”. but that's far from the truth because we know that Jesus is not our scapegoat for our iniquities that we so willfully do. Jesus forgives those who judge their words and who are accountable for their words in that they go to him and they asked forgiveness and they make up for their evil words. Are you making up for your evil words? Or are you going to be condemned on judgment day by the words that you have spoken?...