Saturday, June 2, 2012

Works Grace Sin Law Salvation

Denying the way of the flesh and putting to death the deeds of the flesh and turning away from the desires and lusts and gratifications of the flesh and instead following the holiness of God through our faith in Jesus Christ, is not striving to obey the 10 commandments and the law of Moses and works based salvation. Many Christians foolishly believe that to turn away from the broad path to destruction which is following the flesh and what it dictates you, they foolishly believe that this is striving to keep the law of Moses when it is no such thing for Paul and all the apostles and Jesus, they all warned that following the flesh and the dictates of the flesh leads to death. And that is what sin is, it is following the gratifications and the desires of the flesh and what you flesh wants you to do. That is what sin is. The things your flesh wants you to be satisfied by. All these things that your flesh wants you to do to gratify its deep down desires are of evil. And that is what sin is, it is enmity to God and it always will be. That is why when you have faith in Jesus as a sinner and you repent and you believe in him as a sinner, he forgives your sins and he washes you clean and he makes you born again so you can now follow the Holy Spirit. The way of the Spirit instead of being a slave to the way of the flesh.

What Jesus does is he gives you two roads. He makes the narrow way available to you that if you continue to walk on it following Jesus you will be saved. But if you then turn back and you go back to the old broad way which you are able to do if you wish, if you choose, then you will be condemned by the Law of Moses. Dear friends we have to understand this very very clearly that unless you have been changed by Jesus and you have been BORN AGAIN and you experience his Holy Spirit and you are baptised in his name, unless you do that, unless you experience that you cannot enter the kingdom of God. You have to lay your faith in Jesus Christ today and pray and seek him and obey him because he is the way to life. There is no other way. You must seek him, be baptised in his name and follow and obey him and you will be saved because the new way will come into your life. He will write his laws in your heart. Things that you cannot change in your life he will free you from sin, from the broad path you are enslaved to. All the sins of the flesh that you have been brought to enslavement to, he is going to free you from those if you choose him today and you choose against your own path you are on at the moment.

But you have to make that choice yourself. You have to yourself go to Jesus in sincere prayer and cry out to him and ask him to save you and forgive you and he will. Because he loves people and he wants to forgive them. So as long as you go to Jesus Christ in faith knowing he wants to know you and he wants to forgive you, then you are going to experience the born again new way in life where you can have joy and freedom from sin just like I was able to experience but you have to seek the Lord. You have to give yourself to him, you have to pray, you have to accept him, you got to make that choice that only you can make. Nobody can make it for you. And we have to turn away from the ways of this world. We cant anymore just follow the ways of immorality. We cant just follow the lusts of the flesh and the pride of eyes, the pride of life. And all the things that our flesh wants us to do. All those wicked movies we like to watch. All that immorality on TV that we are so engrossed in that trips us up into the wrong thinking and keeps us following the ways of the flesh and not the Holy Spirit. It all has got to go. All those pursuits you are chasing after in this world, the lusts of the flesh of achievement, the lusts of the flesh for money and the lusts of the flesh for satisfying your selfish desires. It has all got to go.

We all have needs in this world, Jesus will provide for our needs yes. But the seeking and the chasing after the world and the living for ourself and being selfish and not having love, it has all got to go and turn to Jesus so that he can give us a new heart so we can live holy like the apostles and we can love and we can obey Jesus and follow Jesus how he wanted us to follow him. Are you willing to do this today my friends, well then it is time to make the decision, the decision for Jesus Christ and you got to make it purely and wholly, properly in all parts of you. You have to make that decision and stick with it and don't turn back. Make the right choice today be saved leave the ways of this crooked generation. Go cry out on the name of the Lord and you will be saved. May the Lord Jesus bless you....