Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why REAL Christians Dont Sin

People who Jesus has saved and brought to himself and walking the way to heaven, are no longer sinners. Now how can I say this? We read in John that Jesus said that, "I am the vine and you are the branches. If you abide in me you shall produce much fruit". You see Jesus is the true vine, and if you are really abiding in Jesus, really you are not just saying it, You actually really have faith in Jesus and you have left your paths and you are abiding in Jesus for real. You are going to bear fruit. Why is that? Jesus goes on to say that the branches are grafted into the true vine. Yes the branches are grafted in. What does that mean? The vine is the roots. The living water flows through the vine and into the branches giving them life so they put forth leaves and they bear good fruit according to the good vine. Now if the vine is bad the fruit will be bad. But Jesus is the good vine so we know that all who are grafted in to the good vine are going to bear good fruit. Jesus goes on to say that those who do not abide in me, that means they cut themselves off from the vine; the living water no longer goes into their branch, he says they wither up. Their branch withers up. The father comes along later and he cuts them off and he casts those branches into the fire.

Are you bearing good fruit? Jesus said a tree will be known by its fruit. He said that you cannot pick good fruit off a bad tree or bad fruit off a good tree. So if you are producing sin, it is a very very clear indication, my friend that you have cut yourself off from Jesus Christ, you are not abiding in him. His living Spirit is not flowing though you so you cannot produce good fruit. Can you understand what I am saying? So to produce good fruit dear souls, we have to be abiding in Jesus Christ and having his living sap flow through us. That is how we know who is connected to Jesus and abiding in him and having salvation inside of them and on the way to heaven, and those who are not by examining their fruit. We know that those who do not bear good fruit, we know that do not abide in Jesus no matter what they say. If their fruits are of sin and of the devil and of worldliness, of fighting, of quarrelling of bitterness of dissension, they are actually being cut off from the vine. They have actually cut themselves off from the life spirit water of the vine, of Jesus Christ. And what is happening is that they are actually withering up. They are dying and in time God is going to come and cut them off from Jesus. They are going to be cut off in time if they don't repent. But those who repent and those who heed and turn away from all their sin and abide in him, they will have the living water of life flowing to them from the vine. They will bear good fruit. Righteous fruit, they will sin no more.

Because we know dear friends that those who are connected to the true vine certainly do not produce fruits of sin. Because Jesus is the good roots. He does not have roots that produce fruits of sin. He does not. So if you are a Christian who is living in sin today, you know that you certainly are not connected to Jesus to the good vine. You know that those who are connected to Jesus do not bear fruits of sin. But we are CUT OFF, we are withering we are dying. Yes we have cut ourselves off from the living water of JEsus. We may be connected to the vine still but we are dying. We are withering up. And in time God is going to come along, the gardener, and he is going to get his shears out and he is going to cut you off. Dear friends this is serious. If you are a true believer, a follower of Jesus, connected and abiding in Jesus then you will not continue to sin. Because it is proven because Jesus is the good vine and no sin comes out of his sap into you. He does not make you go out and produce fruits of sin while you are connected to him. I know that from personal experience. When I am connected to Jesus I don't sin anymore. Do you know what my fruits are? My fruits are repentance. My fruits are turning away from evil. My fruits is holiness, righteousness, forsaking the unGodly paths of my flesh. That is what my fruits are. The Lord Jesus knows. Because his living sap is flowing into me. My fruits a holiness following his name. Righteousness following his commandments.

The living spirit of God inside of me is doing this. My fruits are turing to Jesus and all the time abiding in him following the lord because I am connected to Jesus the living water. And his living water flows into me revives me and makes me bear good fruit like this. Dear friends, if you are continuing to live your own way at the moment and you are in your own sins and you bound to certain sins and you know it, you are NOT abiding in the vine and you have NO PART with Jesus AT ALL. And you are actually DYING and God is going to cut you off soon unless you repent and turn back to the Lord. Turn back to him. Abide in him, so you can bear much fruit for apart from him you can do NOTHING…...