Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We are all responsible for our own actions. You cannot blame the devil nor your flesh for your lack of self control. You cannot blame God because you went off and practiced what was evil and then you fell to judgement. Nobody can blame anybody nor the devil nor God for their own actions. We are alone are responsible with what we do with our minds, with our hands, and with our actions and our thoughts. We alone have the power to take responsibility with what we are thinking today and with what we are doing today. We alone have the responsibility of deciding to be of one heart and mind with Jesus going to him so he can set you free from bondage to the wrong way. We are responsible and our free choice counts. What are you doing today?

Are you taking responsibility for your actions and for your thoughts, for your desires? That is what the Lord wants me to do and what I must do. There are times when I have followed my evil desires inside of me and started to think about them. There are times where I have seen a young girl and thought in my heart lustful ways and things and started to accept it. You know dear friends, all these things are going to take us to hell if we don't repent. We have to take responsibility for our eyes. When we behold things that will cause us to lust -like sometimes I am tempted to behold things that will cause me to lust- I have to be responsible of being in one heart and mind focused on Jesus about it so when this temptation comes I am actually just going to be responsible about it and just going to push it away and instead just continue to focus on the Lord. That is my responsibility. Or I can have a lack of responsibility and I can just do the lust, think about it, and start to follow it like I have done in the past and its my shame. My friends we must take responsibility, the Lord is not going to take responsibility for you.

He is going to judge you, he is going to do his responsibility and he is going to do away with you if you continue in evil and he will do his part, but he will also save you if you want to be an obedient child and take responsibility of your life today and take responsibility of making your decision about focusing on Jesus all the time and being responsible about following the Lord during your times of temptation. When you evil thoughts come and when you evil desires start to be aroused, that is when we have to be responsible. We got to be responsible children of God. Otherwise we are just going to fall. I have fallen too. I havnt taken responsibility in the past over some things I have been thinking, they are too shameful to even mention. But now the Lord shows me and he is warning all of us that we have to take responsibility of these things. We may not necessarily be doing acts of sin but we can be thinking acts of sin. We can have these things in our hearts and that is still sin even if we didn't do it. Jesus said that if you are committing adultery in your heart he said that is still sin. He said evil thoughts towards somebody is still actions of sin.

So we have to take responsibility of our thoughts and captive of our desires and take them all captive to the Lord Jesus. That is our responsibility. We have to take that responsibility in hand and go to the Lord Jesus and be in one mind with him about this and you tell him, "Lord I am taking responsibility of these things and I bring them before you and we are in one heart and one mind in agreement about these things and they will go". And you take this kind of responsibility and God honours this and he comes into your life and he helps you. But dear friends let us not learn the hard way. I have learnt the hard way many things in my life. I haven't taken responsibility I have gone and thought things I shouldn't think. I have gone and sinned and then I get this terrible oppression from the devil come into my life and then I fall from grace. Then I am not in the peace of the Lord anymore. I feel guilty and condemned. That is the way of those who fall away from the faith. Are you taking responsibility of your actions and of your faith today? What are you doing in your life?...