Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Run for the prize, run for the prize of eternal life with endurance and do not look back. Run with your eyes fixed on the prize of eternal life with Jesus Christ in the kingdom of Heaven. Get into the race of faith today. Put your faith in Jesus Christ today and run for the prize. Don't look back. Don't be on the sidelines.

Just focus on Jesus and run with endurance all the way to the end playing by the rules so that you will not be disqualified in the end. I am running this race of faith. Now how about you, are you running this race of faith too? The race of holiness on the narrow way obeying and following Jesus? OR are you sidelined out just fornicating with the world doing your own thing not focusing or living for Jesus. If you are doing that you are not even in the race. You are not even running for the prize. Let us run for the prize. Let us focus on the Lord Jesus and run with endurance. Run with purpose. Focus on the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness. The Lord Jesus' righteousness and everything else will fall into place but RUN RUN FOR THE PRIZE......