Sunday, June 3, 2012


I am just lucky I can be this new way because of Jesus Christ. It is because of Jesus that I can walk this new way and turn away from the wicked things I used to do. It is because of Jesus Christ that I have been changed and I have been changed and I can walk on the new way. So I invite you to come and walk on the new way so that you too can experience this new path, this new way. Followers of the new way. If you turn to Jesus Christ he will forgive your sins and he will change you and he will do the impossible and he will set you free from being a slave to sin. Sin is the desires of your flesh. Sin is those things that you desire to be inside of you and you go and do and you know that these things are wrong and you look back in shame at what you did, but that is who you were. That is what sin is. But if you want to be set free from this way of who you are because who we are is sinful. If you want to be set free from that then turn to Jesus Christ and he will change you and he will change you and make you a new way so that you can live pure and free in a different way and no longer sin anymore. I have done many things in my past that are very shameful. I regret.

We all have these regrets we have these things that we wish that we didn't do. Words we wished we didn't say. Thoughts and things that we wish we didn't have in our hearts that we were. Ways that we wish we just weren't. Ways in our hearts we wish we weren't towards people. Deeds we wished we just never did but they are there to haunt us and we did those things no matter what happens we have those in our past and we cannot run away from our past. This is where Jesus Christ is such good news. Is that if you truly want to turn to him and be changed and come on a new way, then all you have to do is repent and accept him into your heart and set yourself aside for him and seek to follow him and obey him and pray to him and seek to know him. What will happen is he will come into your life and he will change you, your spirit, to be a different way. And he will forgive your past so that all these shameful things you have done and all these sins you have done are put behind you and forgive before God and you are able to enter the kingdom as righteous before God. That is what Jesus will do for you if only you repent and set yourself aside for him because once you follow Jesus and you have been set apart from sin by the Lord Jesus, once his grace has set you free from your evil, then you can indeed go sin no more and live holy everyday and you no longer have to be bound to your sins. You no longer have to struggle with your sins. You just have to turn away any future temptations to come back to the broad way that leads to hell. You just need to continue to turn away from your flesh that wants you to bring you away from the new way of victory of Jesus Christ following the spirit. But dear friends we don't have to do that. Once you have been set free by Jesus Christ and made born again and made right before God where he will welcome you into his kingdom because you have faith in Jesus, once you have done that you are now free to just follow the Spirit and just follow the spirit through all testing and all trial all the way until you enter the kingdom of God.

So let us follow the spirit dear friends. Let us put to death the deeds of the flesh and just live for Jesus. Because when you turn to him he will set you free so that you can live a new way. You see if you just stay in your old way you are in now and you think that you can somehow make yourself good enough before God, you are deceived and you will never will be for your heart for a start is still in the old way and you need Jesus to actually change you on the inside and open your eyes to the truth. So you need to actually call upon the name of Jesus and accept Jesus. You need to open your heart and ask him to come into your heart and set you free from all your sins and what will happen is if you really mean it and you really cry out to him and ask him to wash away your sins and change you heart and make you born again, what happens is you will come on a new path in your heart, a new way and thats the way you should continue to follow. Don't go back to the old way just follow this new what the JESUS will give you. Of you own accord, of your own power and of your own strength in your old way you cannot make yourself be this new way you have to have Jesus Christ put you on this new way. You have to turn to the Lord Jesus and be born again there is no other way. You cannot make it trying to follow the do nots in life and trying to not sin as a non believer in Jesus it doesn't work.

You have to be turned and changed in the inside in your heart by Jesus Christ so that he has written his laws in your heart and you can only do this if you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as you Lord today and you pray to him and you must continue to follow him and keep away from the broad path and walk with him on the narrow path and keep away from any future temptations leading you back to sin so that you can indeed go sin no more and live holy from this day forth and if you do stumble and you do fall the Lord is going to forgive you if you turn away from that false path you went astray on and you just continue to follow Jesus on the narrow way of holiness. Jesus is the only answer dear friend. You must set yourself apart for him today. Come and experience the new way on the narrow way of being able to choose against sin. Being able to have victory over sin. Being able to have a clean conscience that you are right before God because of Jesus Christ. And everybody enters the kingdom because of the new way the Jesus places within us that no man can boast because it is not by our own works that we enter the kingdom but by Jesus Christ and what he did for us on the cross. So dear friends set yourself apart from Jesus today. Become born again so that you can come on this new way of holiness obeying Jesus until you enter his kingdom, and then you will receive your crown of salvation. May Jesus bless you…...