Sunday, June 17, 2012


I have found the truth. I want to tell you how I have found the truth. I was wandering around in my life without any guidance or hope and I called out to God one day and he heard me. I said "God help me". He heard me and he brought me out of the situations I was in and he brought me to the truth. What was the truth that God brought me to? He brought me to the truth and the reality of Jesus Christ. The living water. He brought me to the truth of seeking Jesus and being filled with the living water from above. When I sought this living water, Jesus Christ, I found it. My life changed, my heart was changed.

I am not worthy to bring you this truth. I am not worthy to have this truth. But this truth will set you free. I have faith in the one and only Lord Father in heaven. He sent me that truth and I accepted it, and it was that truth that set me free. Free to live a new way, a new life. Freedom from sin. There are many who don't know what it is to be free from sin. A lot of Christians are still bound in sin. They practice sin everyday. I used to be like that and I am not worthy to receive this wonderful gift of freedom from sin, but Jesus gave it to me. I followed my own will and pursued my own desire until I sought Jesus with all my heart and mind and I found him and he set me free from sin. I was committing sins and I was a hopeless slave to sin until he came and set me free. And then I had the power to go sin no more. The old ways and the old desires still rise up inside, evil wickedness from inside which makes me unworthy, but praise Jesus I can deny that and pick up my cross and follow him.

We all have a choice in this world to follow the truth and to seek the truth and to find the truth or to reject the truth and blindly go on living our life along with everybody else. Believing our own lies, following our own philosophies of being brainwashed by our own religions. None of those paths lead to the kingdom of heaven dear friend, if you want to find the new way of light that I found -freedom from sin in my life as a follower of Jesus- then you need to call out upon the Lord in repentance, and seek him, seek the living water from above and the Lord Jesus will give you this living water. He will fill you so you will not thirst again. He will set you free from sin like he set me free from sin so you will be free to go sin no more as a Christian.

He will give you the power to live a new life and a new way like he gave me the power to live a new life and a new way. And once again I am not worthy of this new way. Nothing in inside of me is good. I have many evil and perverse desires which I have decided to turn away from and crucify and follow Jesus, in the spirit on the narrow way. There are some of you who may have fallen back to these evil desires in the heart and you have maybe known Jesus before. It is time to come back to the Lord whom you left. It is time to be forgiven, come back to the narrow way. It is time to go sin no more. Be set free once again from your evil. Dear friends let us NEVER fall back to our unworthiness, out evil inside.

I am unworthy, you are unworthy, but we do not have to follow our way anymore from now on we will dedicate our lives to living by the Holy Spirit, the living water flowing through us. And in time we will arise incorruptible. No longer this evil inside and you will no longer have to fight your flesh and crucify it, but while we are down here in our earthly body dear friends, the truth is that you have a choice to follow and obey Jesus Christ and seek his truth and his living water, or to go on following your own desires your own will and what your flesh dictates you. One way leads to life, and the other way leads to death….....