Tuesday, June 19, 2012


People choose to go to HELL. They choose to follow sin and they choose to reject the way of holiness following Jesus so they die and end in hell. God gives them over to their desires and their sins if they ultimately reject him. We live in a society that has chosen the ways of satan. I had a dream once where I was walking on the narrow golden highway of holiness and on this highway a few people were walking dressed in white and on the edges of the road were people who could not walk the way of holiness. Something held them in the darkness. Walking the narrow way of holiness following Jesus is a CHOICE.

People like to make up doctrines and theories of predestination saying it is destined for man to be saved or condemned when that is far from the truth. Although God does know the end results, you are free to choose today, salvation following Jesus on the narrow way, or to continue living a life of sin which ends in hell. Thousands of people fall into the eternal fires of hell every single day. They made their choice and they reaped what they sowed. This whole world is a testing place for people to choose the way to the kingdom or the way to hell. There are only two roads, the BROAD way to destruction or the NARROW way of eternal life. You cannot walk other roads dear friends, either you are on the narrow road of holiness choosing Jesus or you are choosing the broad path to destruction following your sins. It is and always will be a choice. Your free will power to choose to be saved through Jesus or not.

God will not save people who choose hell or sin. People may not choose hell purposely, but they choose the path that ends in hell, the broad easy way that everybody walks on. The way of continuing in your sin. The way of non holiness. So Christians make up for themselves doctrines to make themselves feel better while they are on the broad path to hell. They like to say that they are saved and sealed no matter what. They like to say that their salvation is secure despite their continued sin. Dear friends, the narrow gate DOES NOT lie at the end of the broad path to destruction. Christians foolishly believe that they can walk the broad way with the world and the narrow gate lies at the end of it waiting for them when the reality is the gate of HELL is waiting for them and they tumble into the fires of hell.

The truth is very simple and easy to understand. Either you choose to follow Jesus on the narrow way that leads to life and his power comes into your life because you choose him or you choose to continue in the broad path that everybody is walking on right now in this world. People who choose the broad path will continue to practice sin every day. They will continue to watch the TV. They will continue to go along and have fun in the world. They will continue to do sins of this generation and accept them too. But people on the narrow way to life, crucify their thoughts and their desires and their actions and they bring everything into submission to Jesus Christ in all holiness. What way are you choosing to walk today? Are you choosing the narrow way of holiness that Jesus spoke of? Or are you choosing the broad path to destruction that Jesus spoke of……...