Wednesday, June 20, 2012

God Is Love But Sin Ends In Hell

God is a very loving God. He sent his only son into the world to be stripped and beaten and hung on a cross for your sins and for the sins of people that they may be washed away and forgiven. He is a loving God. He has already proven that he is a loving God. But God does also not tolerate sin and he does away with sin in hell. People choose to reject Gods love for them and instead they continue to practice their sin and their evil hens they choose hell.

In the end they do not fear God and they face his judgement. Jesus said as we read in matthew where he said that if your eye causes you to sin, you would be better to pluck it out and enter the kingdom of God with one eye rather than have two eyes and end up in hell. You see Jesus is showing people that God is very serious about sin and he doesn't allow one single sin in our lives. That is why it is up to us to take responsibility and judge ourselves. Because if we judge ourselves and take responsibility and follow the Lord Jesus then the Lord God will not judge us for our sins and he will forgive them. You see God is a loving God and he made the way for salvation so we have to pick up our cross deny ourselves and follow him. Don't be deceived by the Christians who will tell you that Gods love accommodates your sinful lifestyle and living the ways of this world. It doesn't work like that my friends. Sin ends in hell and the Lord Jesus himself said that, "Fear God who has the power to save you or cast your soul into hell".

You see Christians do not fear God. They think that his loving is in a way of this world in that he is accommodating of peoples sin. But God does not accommodate our sin. God will judge our sin and it is our sin that will be cast into hell, us with it if we do not repent. Praise God that Jesus forgives the sins of those who repent and turn to him. That is the gospel. So if you want to be forgiven today before God and not go to hell for your sins that you committed, then turn away from your sins knowing that God is a jealous God and he will not allow sin in peoples lives. He wants you to worship him. If you know this then you will be on the path to salvation because it will be through Christ that your sins will be forgive and washed away. Dear friends Do you fear God? Then go repent and leave your sins or the things that you know are wrong. May the Lord be with you…....