Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get FREE From Lust Addictions And SIn

Don't try and work your way to heaven on your own. It will never work. That is works based salvation if you try and get there on your own strength. WE can be victorious everyday if we trust in the Lord. I want to share with you my experience. I used to have a problem with certain sins that I couldnt help myself, I just continued to do them. I had a swearing problem, I had a lust problem. I would promise the Lord I am going to stop this time and I would try and stop and sure I could stop for a little while but after a week or two it would just come back it would just happen again. The devil would always bring about a strong situation where I was sure to fall. So I was always feeling guilty about something and going on around a merry-go-round of guilt of rededication promise and falling and then guilt again. Things took a big change in my life when I turned to the Lord. Instead of promising the lord that I was going to this and I was going to do that, I said two words. I said "God help me". That is when change came. I then asked the Lord to deliver me from the power of these sins. I said I am sorry for these. In my heart I was repentant and the Lord Jesus broke the power over these things for me and then I suddenly realised later that I no longer had a problem with these things anymore.

The devil tried different tactics to get me to choose sin again. Because let me make one thing very clear, if you actually choose to do your sins. If you got a problem and you choose to accept it back or you choose it again because you want it again, the Lord doesnt stop you from having the problem back again and becoming its slave if you really choose it. So the devil was then trying to tempt me different ways to get me to choose it back. You see I had the victory I didn't have a problem with those things anymore so the devil brought other ways. He started to tempt me in different ways. So I had to choose to make sure I stay in the victory of Christ that he originally gave me and I had the victory. Sometimes it was a little difficult but I still had the victory, why? Because Jesus Christ set me free. It is because by his power I was set free I didn't go off my own strength. Some other things came into my life. I tried to go off my own strength to get rid of them and deal with them. It didn't work. I just went round and round in circles. I wanted to not do those things, I wanted to repent, I was feeling repentant about it, but then my desires would just get away on me. It was when I took those things to the Lord JEsus and I asked him "Lord help me". And that is when I got the power in my life. That is when I was able to overcome. BEcause I said to the Lord, I choose to repent I choose you and I asked him to help me. And when you are doing that the Lord will help you and he will take the power of those things out of your life because he alone has all the power in heaven and on earth. You cant do it on your own.

You have to go to the Lord Jesus and get him to free you himself. It all starts with saying "Lord help me" And that is where you can be set free. But first you have to decide to turn away from your love of sin and to repent and then you go and ask the Lord to help you and it is by the power of God not your own strength that you are set free from sin because it is not works based salvation. You don't work your way to heaven because you are so strong. If the Lord left you you would just go straight back to your evil. We get into heaven because of the Lord Jesus Christ and his power and what he has done for us because we choose him because that is what our work is. Jesus said the work of man is to choose to believe in the one whom he sent which is Jesus Christ. So our work is to choose the Lord Jesus he does all the rest. Are you choosing the Lord Jesus and dedicating yourself to him completely today? If you do that he will set you free from sin.

If you are not dedicating your life to the Lord completely today and you are just continuing to choose your own path then he cannot set you free from sin because you are choosing to be a slave of sin. Choose to be a slave of Jesus not a slave of sin today. And then don't try and battle your addictions and battle your desires and your sins by your own strength trying to give them up and promising the Lord "Ah Im going to give it up this time". Don't do this instead make up your mind you are going to turn away from these things and then go and ask the Lord and say "Lord help me". And he will take it out of you and you will be free by the power of God and it is not by the power of man or your own strength...