Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Remove from your life the stumbling blocks when temptation comes your way. Remove from what it is that is going to cause your flesh to rise up and be a stumbling block for you.

Take out of your life and your walk anything that is going to tempt you if you can. When you are faced with temptation, deal with the temptation, flee the temptation if necessary. Do not allow yourself to be put into a position where you are going to fail. Take our of your life everything that could cause you to fall short of the glory of God by falling to a desire to your flesh.

If something cause you a trouble with your flesh then remove it from your life and get it out of your life. If there is something that causes you to be tempted, then get it out and don't put yourself in that temptation no matter how small or great it may be. Remove yourself from temptation where necessary. Remove yourself from the stimuli that causes you flesh to arise within you. If there is a trouble with something that is causing you to fall then get it out of your way. Remove your eyes from whatever it is that can cause you to stumble. Be savvy and don't allow yourself to be tempted. And if you are tempted deal with it and flee temptation when necessary. Don't tempt fate. Don't gamble on your eternal life. Focus on Jesus serve him and flee temptation....