Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I want to talk about faith. We read in James chapter 2 where James writes, "You show me your faith by your good deeds". He says that faith without good deeds is useless. Faith equals good deeds but good deeds does not equal faith. I want to talk about these good deeds of faith. There are people who say that their faith in Jesus is all they need for him to make them right to enter the kingdom yet they go on in sin. They go on in following the world. They walk around saying that Jesus' faith makes them good enough to enter the kingdom yet they still continue to live their own way. They still continue to sin every day. They also say they repent everyday but they still continue to live the way of the world and they do not dedicate their life to Jesus. I want to talk about these good deeds that James speaks of. James said, "You show me your faith by your good deeds and your faith without good deeds is useless". He said it is dead.

Well these good deeds dear friends are the good deeds of the fight of faith. So the good deeds of the fight of faith are: 1. Turning away from sin that is a good deed. 2. Living Holy, 3. Not partaking in the ways of this fallen generation. 4. Separating yourself from the ways of this world, 5. Dedicating your life to the ministry of the word and prayer like the apostles did. 6. Being led by the Holy Spirit and doing the deeds that the Lord wants you to do, 7. Seeking to know the Lord Jesus Christ, dedicating your life to prayer to find him, to hear him, and be led by him. These are all the good deeds that you must have if you say that you have faith in Jesus. If you say you have faith in Jesus, then I will say to you "Well then where are your good deeds?" Are you turning away from the world? Are you seeking and praying to the Lord Jesus? Are you being led by the Holy Spirit? If you have these good deeds the I will say "Yes you do indeed have faith in Jesus". But if you don't and you are just continuing to live your own way, just continuing to carry on in your sin. You just say Jesus is making you fit for the kingdom of heaven yet you do not do any good deeds like this, then I can tell you today that your faith is actually DEAD.

So my friends is your faith alive today? Or is it dead? You cannot do good deeds to prove your faith, but when you have faith you will naturally equal having good deeds because good deeds comes from having first had faith. You cant just do good deeds to try and show you have faith. Dear friends first you have faith in Jesus Christ and then these good deeds will come. So have you dedicated yourself to following the Lord Jesus? Then he is going to change your heart and your soul and you are going to start doing all these good deeds I mentions because the spirit of the living God is going to be inside of you. But if you don't have these good deeds, what do you need to do? You need to go to Jesus, get on your knees before him and ask Jesus to save you, forgive you and change you and you in your heart dedicate you life to him. Then he will put in your heart these good deeds. You will start to do them all these good deeds I mentioned in addition to loving other, having kindness and all the fruits of the spirit. You cannot just have all these things and do them without first going to the Lord Jesus.

That is works based salvation because you cannot change your heart. Jesus Christ is your answer. You have to go to him in faith and then your faith will equal these good deeds coming forth from you from what I mentioned at the beginning of this video and there are many more good deeds as well not just those ones. So dear friend if you have faith you will show your faith by these good deeds. But if you don't have faith then you will be still in the world. So I can judge you tree by your fruit. If your fruit is following the world still living in sin everyday, I can just tell you that you need to get on your knees, dedicate your life to Jesus so he can fill you with his Holy Spirit to change you so you can do these good deeds and he will make them come out of you, if you do have these good deeds I can say "Yes that is a man of God he has faith in Jesus, Jesus has indeed set him free from sin and he is indeed living the Holy Narrow way". Why? From his own power? No it was through his faith in Jesus when he went to the Lord in faith. So have faith go seek the Lord and he is going to fill you with the fruits of the spirit. If you already have them keep going. May Jesus bless you ...