Thursday, June 28, 2012


Don't get cut off. Jesus said in John that, "I am the vine and you are the branches, every branch that does not bear good fruit shall be cut off and thrown into the fire." Good fruit is good deeds and good works. One and the same dear souls, you shall be judged according to your deeds on the last day. Now these good fruits are the fruits of the Spirit so it is only when you follow the Spirit that you can produce these good fruits of love, peace, gentleness, holiness, turning away from sin, righteousness, all these things, enduring under temptation, judging yourself and denying the flesh and following the Spirit. These are good fruits that the Lord is looking for. If you are bearing fruits of sin, which are not good fruits, ANY sin, I don't care what sin it is, ANY sin, you will be CUT OFF and cast into the fire which is hell. Cut off from JESUS and cast into hell.

So this is talking about Christians. This isn't talking about unbelievers. This is talking about every person who is connected through faith to Jesus Christ the vine. And everybody who continues to bear good fruit, the father prunes to bear more fruit. And he is well satisfied and well pleased with those branches who do bear good fruit. So I want to ask you today, are you at risk at being CUT OFF by GOD from Jesus Christ and being cast into the fires of hell? Or are you bearing good fruit? Jesus said a tree is known my its fruit. Either you bear good fruit and you are a good tree, or bad fruit and you are a bad tree. He said that you cannot pick good fruit off a bad tree. So if you are continuing to practice sin, ANY sin, ANY sin, then you are producing some bad fruit and you are at risk of being CUT OFF and CUT DOWN. For Jesus said that every tree in the garden that doesn't bear good fruit shall be cut down. Dear friend are you bearing good fruit; love truth, gentleness, holiness, all these things, or are you bearing bad fruit; sin, anger, lust, unrighteousness, not enduring under temptation, but giving in to temptation. We have got to endure under temptation, put out the old way, crucify the flesh daily and follow the Spirit so we can bear good fruit. DONT GET CUT OFF! ...