Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dont Base Faith Off Experiences

I want to tell you today that it is time for you to completely dedicate you life to following the lord Jesus Christ. There is no more time just to follow your own will. Time has run out. There is not more time just to go the way of the world continuing to follow your own will. Time has run out. If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and stand before Jesus unashamed like he said in Luke, and that goes for me too, if we want to unashamed before the Lord then it is time that we have faith in Jesus. You don't have to hear the Lord to have faith. You don't have to experience anything about the Lord to have faith. Faith is believe in Jesus and his reality. Once you have faith other things will follow.

You will start to experience things and the Lord will show you different things and you must seek his voice, seek his guidance in your life so he can lead you and you can hear him. There are Christians who base their faith on whether or not they hear Jesus. If they don't hear him they decide that he doesn't exist so they just walk off to their old life. They are like the seeds that fall on the hard stoney ground and satan comes and snatches the seed out of their heart the word, the truth. Do not base your faith off experiences. Base your faith off the truth of the word, the words of Jesus recorded in the bible. Base your faith off the truth of the reality of Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heaven right now. Base your faith in the reality of the creation that is all around you that is evidence of the Lord JEsus Christ. The trees you see growing, the wind, your very body. All these things are evidence of the reality of the Lord Father in heaven who sent his son as the only way to be right with the Father.

Don't base your faith on trying to seek signs or trying to hear the Lord rather have faith in the Lord as what he has already said and then you go seek and he is going to speak to you in time. He is going to lead you, he is going to show you things but you got to learn to listen. The Lord Jesus does speak. But many people don't take time out of their life and the things they are doing to listen. Sometimes they are too distracted by ministries. Maybe you are distracted by the church. Maybe you are distracted by your family or your wife or your job. Or maybe you are distracted by your life. Either way these distractions will blind you to hearing and seeing the Lord in this life. We need to give all our heart to seeking the Lord. You already have faith in him, but now it is time to seek him in faith, true faith. And the Lord will reward you.

He will show you things in his time. He will open your understanding. He will show you how he wants you to be. He will give you lessons. Like he gives me lessons. Lessons in what you must not do, what you should do. Lessons in how you must not act and how you must walk in the narrow way. And you go to learn from these lessons and if you are learning you are going to have peace inside of your heart. Constant peace. If you are not learning you are going to be falling to your own way and you are not going to have peace in your life. Dear friends stay in the peace and the faith of Jesus and go seek him and he will show you and teach you how to walk on the narrow way....