Monday, June 18, 2012

Being Set Free From DEMONS

We cannot blame satan and the demons for our own short comings and our own sins. Many people Christians unbelievers alike, are bound to certain sins that cause them to continue to sin without being able to stop. It is called slavery to sin. Yet they cannot blame God, satan, demons for their lack of self control and falling into bondage. Because sin at the very beginning is always a choice. Since we were born into sin we were born into slavery to sin. But to sin is still the persons choice to allow the devil into you or not. Most people are brainwashed into following this world which allows the devil into them. they don't realise that they have a choice.

To reject him and their desires and their sins and instead to obey Jesus. All people have a choice to go to Jesu to be set free from all sin and go sin no more. All people have a choice to turn away from temptation now and in the future. All people have a choice to stand up take responsibility for their actions, go to the Lord and get set free from power to the devil. Its your choice. Nobody can blame satan, nor the devil. That is what Eve did in the garden of Eden. She blamed satan. She said that he had deceived her. But in the end she had nobody to blame but herself. Adam blamed Eve, but in the end he had nobody to blame but himself. He even blamed God. Dear friends you have to take responsibility. There is not use blaming it one the demons. People they go get involved with all these things about demons. They become infatuated by demons. They thing they have to get all these demons cast out of them when all they have to do is go to Jesus and choose him over their sins and decide in their heart to turn away and the devil is just going to run from you. He may come at you with temptation. He may come at you with some more things to try and bring you back into agreeing to be his slave by accepting sin. But you do not have to go that way anymore. Because you have a choice. A free choice. Total freedom to CHOOSE JESUS. The magic isn't going to have your demons cast out of you by some fancy preacher. Humans are not your answer. The answer is and only will every be, Jesus Christ.

When you choose to go follow him, when you from the bottom of your heart choose to accept him and decide that you don't want sin anymore, supernatural power from God is going to set you free from your slavery to sin that you fell to. What did Jesus say about casting demons out? There was a certain man that they couldnt cast demons out of, and they said "Lord why cant we cast it out?" They brought this man to Jesus, he said one word, "Get out". They got out and left. He said to them, "These kind cannot come out except though fasting and prayer." Why is that? It is because humans are not our answer. You have to go to Jesus yourself. He will just say the word and they will just leave. Dear friends it is our choice. Jesus will just say the word and they will leave. He has all the power. Don't go to fancy deliverance ministers, you just go and ask Jesus and choose him. Choose against your sin, and he will set you free himself.

I know people who Jesus supernaturally set free from the power of the devil and there was nobody around. I am not saying that praying for people who have demons and casting demons out is a bad things, these things good when it is led by the Lord. But what I am saying is don't put your trust in man, to set you free from your trouble. You go yourself to JEsus so that he can set you free. It only took him two words to send a demon out which would have taken man hours of fasting and prayer. If you are possessed today and you know it and you need help and you have a mind to seek help or you are stuck in problems and you have got a mind to want to get out, you still got will in your life, If you still got your will to choose Jesus and to accept him and leave your sin and choose against it, and take your responsibility into your hand, then you have the power to be free.

You have to go and take that. You got to take that choice. You go to decide right here and now to leave whatever it is that you are abound to and get onto your knees and cry out to Jesus Christ. Only he has the power to set you completely set you free and then in the future just continue following him despite trial and temptation and desires and attacks from the enemy. You will be victorious as long as you focus is on Christ the whole time and you will always be able to be victorious over all sin...