Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are You Gathering Or Scattering Gods Kingdom?

Are you building the kingdom of God or are you scattering the kingdom of God? Christians a lot of the time are scattering the kingdom of God. They are not building the kingdom of God. They are not focused on obeying Jesus so that he can lead them to further his kingdom on this earth. They are busy criticising and being stumbling blocks to other believers and other people. They are busy laying snares at the feet of the servants of God trying to trip them up with bible verses and scriptures verses. They love their bibles yet they don't build the kingdom of God. They will tell you that you have to go to church. They will tell you that you have to shut up and listen to them. They will bring in their false doctrines and around you and you will become lukewarm like they do if you go and follow them. I want to warn you dear friends that we are to be separate and we are to be building the kingdom of God. How do we gather instead of scatter. I see Christians they get on videos and they scatter. They attack, they criticise, they slander. They love arguments and controversies over the law.

But how dear friends, how do we gather the kingdom of God. How to we build Gods kingdom? We build Gods kingdom when we deny ourselves and we seek to be led by Jesus with a humble heart with humility. And we go to Jesus in prayer and we say "Lord we want to serve you". You say to the Lord you want to serve him. You ask Jesus to lead you so you can gather the kingdom not scatter the kingdom. You are led by Jesus. He speaks to you. You got a light you got a testimony. You have been set free from sin and you no longer follow the world. People can see it and they can see your light and they want to know why, why you do this and it is a chance to share the kingdom of God and the good news to people that the worst of sinners can repent and be saved before it is too late. But these Christians in the churches and around on the internet, they want to just come around and make trouble. They want to diss the servants of God and they just want to make trouble wherever they go. They never build the kingdom.

They are not talking about the truth. All they are interested about is ideology and theories of men and doctrines from the bible, yet they don't follow JEsus. They go out on the streets and they go and rebuke people. They go and tell people off. They are like the disciples where they were walking with Jesus and the disciples said "will we call out fire upon these unbelievers and burn them all up from heaven"? They want to destroy people. They are not interested in the kingdom of God. They are not interested in the true gospel of Jesus because they don't know the true gospel. But dear friends we don't want to be like this. We want to have the realisation of the love of the true gospel of Jesus in our hearts. We want to be spirit led. We want to be led by the voice of Jesus and building the kingdom of God not scattering the kingdom. We want to be bringing people to repentance and having them come to Jesus and be set free from sin. We don't want to be like these Christians who go around and busy themselves in other peoples' affairs and they go and tell you that you cannot stop sinning. And they go and tell you that you can just live your own way. They are working for SATAN. Dear friends don't listen to Christians who are working for satan.

We have to be building the kingdom. And we ourselves must come to know Jesus first. Be separate from our sins and be set free by Jesus so we can be a light to the world and they can see that we have been set free from our sin. Because everybody who has been set free from sin by Jesus Christ will be free indeed. And this is the true gospel and you will be filled with light when you have this true gospel inside of you. so dear friends let us be filled with the light of the true of Jesus so that we can build the kingdom of God on this earth. We can make disciples unto Jesus Christ and these disciples will follow Jesus in holiness and they will seek his guidance in their life. Let us flee from the ways of tearing down the kingdom of God by the way of doctrines and biblical doctrines and all these things that the churches make up out of the bible trying to stumble the kingdom. They are like dogs in the manger they don't eat the hay and they don't allow the cattle to eat. They hold shut the door on the kingdom of God and they stop people from entering, they themselves don't enter either. Dear friends be separate from such and get to be led by Jesus.

Listen to his voice, he hears he speaks and he leads and he brings people into heaven. He leads people to the way. HE shows people what to do in their circumstances. He will show you. He will set you free from sin. He will get you out of your addictions and you will be a light to the world to build the kingdom of God and you will have your reward in heaven. Dear friends is this what you want? then let us go to the Lord today. Tell him that you go seek him. You go get the Lord to lead you and you can be a witness and JEsus set me free. You can go and have a look on my channel and you can see my testimony there, Jesus set me free from sin so I can warn you and show you that you too can be set free because Jesus is the truth and what he says when he sets people free is indeed true. He does indeed set people free from the old ways. May the Lord Jesus bless you abundantly…....