Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why REAL Christians Dont Sin

People who Jesus has saved and brought to himself and walking the way to heaven, are no longer sinners. Now how can I say this? We read in John that Jesus said that, "I am the vine and you are the branches. If you abide in me you shall produce much fruit". You see Jesus is the true vine, and if you are really abiding in Jesus, really you are not just saying it, You actually really have faith in Jesus and you have left your paths and you are abiding in Jesus for real. You are going to bear fruit. Why is that? Jesus goes on to say that the branches are grafted into the true vine. Yes the branches are grafted in. What does that mean? The vine is the roots. The living water flows through the vine and into the branches giving them life so they put forth leaves and they bear good fruit according to the good vine. Now if the vine is bad the fruit will be bad. But Jesus is the good vine so we know that all who are grafted in to the good vine are going to bear good fruit. Jesus goes on to say that those who do not abide in me, that means they cut themselves off from the vine; the living water no longer goes into their branch, he says they wither up. Their branch withers up. The father comes along later and he cuts them off and he casts those branches into the fire.

Are you bearing good fruit? Jesus said a tree will be known by its fruit. He said that you cannot pick good fruit off a bad tree or bad fruit off a good tree. So if you are producing sin, it is a very very clear indication, my friend that you have cut yourself off from Jesus Christ, you are not abiding in him. His living Spirit is not flowing though you so you cannot produce good fruit. Can you understand what I am saying? So to produce good fruit dear souls, we have to be abiding in Jesus Christ and having his living sap flow through us. That is how we know who is connected to Jesus and abiding in him and having salvation inside of them and on the way to heaven, and those who are not by examining their fruit. We know that those who do not bear good fruit, we know that do not abide in Jesus no matter what they say. If their fruits are of sin and of the devil and of worldliness, of fighting, of quarrelling of bitterness of dissension, they are actually being cut off from the vine. They have actually cut themselves off from the life spirit water of the vine, of Jesus Christ. And what is happening is that they are actually withering up. They are dying and in time God is going to come and cut them off from Jesus. They are going to be cut off in time if they don't repent. But those who repent and those who heed and turn away from all their sin and abide in him, they will have the living water of life flowing to them from the vine. They will bear good fruit. Righteous fruit, they will sin no more.

Because we know dear friends that those who are connected to the true vine certainly do not produce fruits of sin. Because Jesus is the good roots. He does not have roots that produce fruits of sin. He does not. So if you are a Christian who is living in sin today, you know that you certainly are not connected to Jesus to the good vine. You know that those who are connected to Jesus do not bear fruits of sin. But we are CUT OFF, we are withering we are dying. Yes we have cut ourselves off from the living water of JEsus. We may be connected to the vine still but we are dying. We are withering up. And in time God is going to come along, the gardener, and he is going to get his shears out and he is going to cut you off. Dear friends this is serious. If you are a true believer, a follower of Jesus, connected and abiding in Jesus then you will not continue to sin. Because it is proven because Jesus is the good vine and no sin comes out of his sap into you. He does not make you go out and produce fruits of sin while you are connected to him. I know that from personal experience. When I am connected to Jesus I don't sin anymore. Do you know what my fruits are? My fruits are repentance. My fruits are turning away from evil. My fruits is holiness, righteousness, forsaking the unGodly paths of my flesh. That is what my fruits are. The Lord Jesus knows. Because his living sap is flowing into me. My fruits a holiness following his name. Righteousness following his commandments.

The living spirit of God inside of me is doing this. My fruits are turing to Jesus and all the time abiding in him following the lord because I am connected to Jesus the living water. And his living water flows into me revives me and makes me bear good fruit like this. Dear friends, if you are continuing to live your own way at the moment and you are in your own sins and you bound to certain sins and you know it, you are NOT abiding in the vine and you have NO PART with Jesus AT ALL. And you are actually DYING and God is going to cut you off soon unless you repent and turn back to the Lord. Turn back to him. Abide in him, so you can bear much fruit for apart from him you can do NOTHING…...

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Judge yourself and you will not fall under judgement. We must judge every deed we do, whether it is good or bad and we must make the appropriate adjustments to righting our wrongs. If you judge yourself and if you take yourself into responsibility, and control, self control, Jesus is not going to judge you for he sees that you are an obedient child and that you are judging yourself, your actions and your deeds, and instead you are aligning yourself with Jesus and his ways and his blood will cover you and make you perfect before God. But if you do not judge yourself and let your sins go on unchecked, watch out, for the Lord will be your judge. And he will judge you for everything unless you repent. Go judge yourself, your actions, your thoughts, judge what you allow into your mind. Cast out that which is not to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Judge everything according to the Lord Jesus Christ and you will not face judgement…. ...


Don't get cut off. Jesus said in John that, "I am the vine and you are the branches, every branch that does not bear good fruit shall be cut off and thrown into the fire." Good fruit is good deeds and good works. One and the same dear souls, you shall be judged according to your deeds on the last day. Now these good fruits are the fruits of the Spirit so it is only when you follow the Spirit that you can produce these good fruits of love, peace, gentleness, holiness, turning away from sin, righteousness, all these things, enduring under temptation, judging yourself and denying the flesh and following the Spirit. These are good fruits that the Lord is looking for. If you are bearing fruits of sin, which are not good fruits, ANY sin, I don't care what sin it is, ANY sin, you will be CUT OFF and cast into the fire which is hell. Cut off from JESUS and cast into hell.

So this is talking about Christians. This isn't talking about unbelievers. This is talking about every person who is connected through faith to Jesus Christ the vine. And everybody who continues to bear good fruit, the father prunes to bear more fruit. And he is well satisfied and well pleased with those branches who do bear good fruit. So I want to ask you today, are you at risk at being CUT OFF by GOD from Jesus Christ and being cast into the fires of hell? Or are you bearing good fruit? Jesus said a tree is known my its fruit. Either you bear good fruit and you are a good tree, or bad fruit and you are a bad tree. He said that you cannot pick good fruit off a bad tree. So if you are continuing to practice sin, ANY sin, ANY sin, then you are producing some bad fruit and you are at risk of being CUT OFF and CUT DOWN. For Jesus said that every tree in the garden that doesn't bear good fruit shall be cut down. Dear friend are you bearing good fruit; love truth, gentleness, holiness, all these things, or are you bearing bad fruit; sin, anger, lust, unrighteousness, not enduring under temptation, but giving in to temptation. We have got to endure under temptation, put out the old way, crucify the flesh daily and follow the Spirit so we can bear good fruit. DONT GET CUT OFF! ...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I want to talk about faith. We read in James chapter 2 where James writes, "You show me your faith by your good deeds". He says that faith without good deeds is useless. Faith equals good deeds but good deeds does not equal faith. I want to talk about these good deeds of faith. There are people who say that their faith in Jesus is all they need for him to make them right to enter the kingdom yet they go on in sin. They go on in following the world. They walk around saying that Jesus' faith makes them good enough to enter the kingdom yet they still continue to live their own way. They still continue to sin every day. They also say they repent everyday but they still continue to live the way of the world and they do not dedicate their life to Jesus. I want to talk about these good deeds that James speaks of. James said, "You show me your faith by your good deeds and your faith without good deeds is useless". He said it is dead.

Well these good deeds dear friends are the good deeds of the fight of faith. So the good deeds of the fight of faith are: 1. Turning away from sin that is a good deed. 2. Living Holy, 3. Not partaking in the ways of this fallen generation. 4. Separating yourself from the ways of this world, 5. Dedicating your life to the ministry of the word and prayer like the apostles did. 6. Being led by the Holy Spirit and doing the deeds that the Lord wants you to do, 7. Seeking to know the Lord Jesus Christ, dedicating your life to prayer to find him, to hear him, and be led by him. These are all the good deeds that you must have if you say that you have faith in Jesus. If you say you have faith in Jesus, then I will say to you "Well then where are your good deeds?" Are you turning away from the world? Are you seeking and praying to the Lord Jesus? Are you being led by the Holy Spirit? If you have these good deeds the I will say "Yes you do indeed have faith in Jesus". But if you don't and you are just continuing to live your own way, just continuing to carry on in your sin. You just say Jesus is making you fit for the kingdom of heaven yet you do not do any good deeds like this, then I can tell you today that your faith is actually DEAD.

So my friends is your faith alive today? Or is it dead? You cannot do good deeds to prove your faith, but when you have faith you will naturally equal having good deeds because good deeds comes from having first had faith. You cant just do good deeds to try and show you have faith. Dear friends first you have faith in Jesus Christ and then these good deeds will come. So have you dedicated yourself to following the Lord Jesus? Then he is going to change your heart and your soul and you are going to start doing all these good deeds I mentions because the spirit of the living God is going to be inside of you. But if you don't have these good deeds, what do you need to do? You need to go to Jesus, get on your knees before him and ask Jesus to save you, forgive you and change you and you in your heart dedicate you life to him. Then he will put in your heart these good deeds. You will start to do them all these good deeds I mentioned in addition to loving other, having kindness and all the fruits of the spirit. You cannot just have all these things and do them without first going to the Lord Jesus.

That is works based salvation because you cannot change your heart. Jesus Christ is your answer. You have to go to him in faith and then your faith will equal these good deeds coming forth from you from what I mentioned at the beginning of this video and there are many more good deeds as well not just those ones. So dear friend if you have faith you will show your faith by these good deeds. But if you don't have faith then you will be still in the world. So I can judge you tree by your fruit. If your fruit is following the world still living in sin everyday, I can just tell you that you need to get on your knees, dedicate your life to Jesus so he can fill you with his Holy Spirit to change you so you can do these good deeds and he will make them come out of you, if you do have these good deeds I can say "Yes that is a man of God he has faith in Jesus, Jesus has indeed set him free from sin and he is indeed living the Holy Narrow way". Why? From his own power? No it was through his faith in Jesus when he went to the Lord in faith. So have faith go seek the Lord and he is going to fill you with the fruits of the spirit. If you already have them keep going. May Jesus bless you ...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are You Gathering Or Scattering Gods Kingdom?

Are you building the kingdom of God or are you scattering the kingdom of God? Christians a lot of the time are scattering the kingdom of God. They are not building the kingdom of God. They are not focused on obeying Jesus so that he can lead them to further his kingdom on this earth. They are busy criticising and being stumbling blocks to other believers and other people. They are busy laying snares at the feet of the servants of God trying to trip them up with bible verses and scriptures verses. They love their bibles yet they don't build the kingdom of God. They will tell you that you have to go to church. They will tell you that you have to shut up and listen to them. They will bring in their false doctrines and around you and you will become lukewarm like they do if you go and follow them. I want to warn you dear friends that we are to be separate and we are to be building the kingdom of God. How do we gather instead of scatter. I see Christians they get on videos and they scatter. They attack, they criticise, they slander. They love arguments and controversies over the law.

But how dear friends, how do we gather the kingdom of God. How to we build Gods kingdom? We build Gods kingdom when we deny ourselves and we seek to be led by Jesus with a humble heart with humility. And we go to Jesus in prayer and we say "Lord we want to serve you". You say to the Lord you want to serve him. You ask Jesus to lead you so you can gather the kingdom not scatter the kingdom. You are led by Jesus. He speaks to you. You got a light you got a testimony. You have been set free from sin and you no longer follow the world. People can see it and they can see your light and they want to know why, why you do this and it is a chance to share the kingdom of God and the good news to people that the worst of sinners can repent and be saved before it is too late. But these Christians in the churches and around on the internet, they want to just come around and make trouble. They want to diss the servants of God and they just want to make trouble wherever they go. They never build the kingdom.

They are not talking about the truth. All they are interested about is ideology and theories of men and doctrines from the bible, yet they don't follow JEsus. They go out on the streets and they go and rebuke people. They go and tell people off. They are like the disciples where they were walking with Jesus and the disciples said "will we call out fire upon these unbelievers and burn them all up from heaven"? They want to destroy people. They are not interested in the kingdom of God. They are not interested in the true gospel of Jesus because they don't know the true gospel. But dear friends we don't want to be like this. We want to have the realisation of the love of the true gospel of Jesus in our hearts. We want to be spirit led. We want to be led by the voice of Jesus and building the kingdom of God not scattering the kingdom. We want to be bringing people to repentance and having them come to Jesus and be set free from sin. We don't want to be like these Christians who go around and busy themselves in other peoples' affairs and they go and tell you that you cannot stop sinning. And they go and tell you that you can just live your own way. They are working for SATAN. Dear friends don't listen to Christians who are working for satan.

We have to be building the kingdom. And we ourselves must come to know Jesus first. Be separate from our sins and be set free by Jesus so we can be a light to the world and they can see that we have been set free from our sin. Because everybody who has been set free from sin by Jesus Christ will be free indeed. And this is the true gospel and you will be filled with light when you have this true gospel inside of you. so dear friends let us be filled with the light of the true of Jesus so that we can build the kingdom of God on this earth. We can make disciples unto Jesus Christ and these disciples will follow Jesus in holiness and they will seek his guidance in their life. Let us flee from the ways of tearing down the kingdom of God by the way of doctrines and biblical doctrines and all these things that the churches make up out of the bible trying to stumble the kingdom. They are like dogs in the manger they don't eat the hay and they don't allow the cattle to eat. They hold shut the door on the kingdom of God and they stop people from entering, they themselves don't enter either. Dear friends be separate from such and get to be led by Jesus.

Listen to his voice, he hears he speaks and he leads and he brings people into heaven. He leads people to the way. HE shows people what to do in their circumstances. He will show you. He will set you free from sin. He will get you out of your addictions and you will be a light to the world to build the kingdom of God and you will have your reward in heaven. Dear friends is this what you want? then let us go to the Lord today. Tell him that you go seek him. You go get the Lord to lead you and you can be a witness and JEsus set me free. You can go and have a look on my channel and you can see my testimony there, Jesus set me free from sin so I can warn you and show you that you too can be set free because Jesus is the truth and what he says when he sets people free is indeed true. He does indeed set people free from the old ways. May the Lord Jesus bless you abundantly…....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

God Is Love But Sin Ends In Hell

God is a very loving God. He sent his only son into the world to be stripped and beaten and hung on a cross for your sins and for the sins of people that they may be washed away and forgiven. He is a loving God. He has already proven that he is a loving God. But God does also not tolerate sin and he does away with sin in hell. People choose to reject Gods love for them and instead they continue to practice their sin and their evil hens they choose hell.

In the end they do not fear God and they face his judgement. Jesus said as we read in matthew where he said that if your eye causes you to sin, you would be better to pluck it out and enter the kingdom of God with one eye rather than have two eyes and end up in hell. You see Jesus is showing people that God is very serious about sin and he doesn't allow one single sin in our lives. That is why it is up to us to take responsibility and judge ourselves. Because if we judge ourselves and take responsibility and follow the Lord Jesus then the Lord God will not judge us for our sins and he will forgive them. You see God is a loving God and he made the way for salvation so we have to pick up our cross deny ourselves and follow him. Don't be deceived by the Christians who will tell you that Gods love accommodates your sinful lifestyle and living the ways of this world. It doesn't work like that my friends. Sin ends in hell and the Lord Jesus himself said that, "Fear God who has the power to save you or cast your soul into hell".

You see Christians do not fear God. They think that his loving is in a way of this world in that he is accommodating of peoples sin. But God does not accommodate our sin. God will judge our sin and it is our sin that will be cast into hell, us with it if we do not repent. Praise God that Jesus forgives the sins of those who repent and turn to him. That is the gospel. So if you want to be forgiven today before God and not go to hell for your sins that you committed, then turn away from your sins knowing that God is a jealous God and he will not allow sin in peoples lives. He wants you to worship him. If you know this then you will be on the path to salvation because it will be through Christ that your sins will be forgive and washed away. Dear friends Do you fear God? Then go repent and leave your sins or the things that you know are wrong. May the Lord be with you…....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


People choose to go to HELL. They choose to follow sin and they choose to reject the way of holiness following Jesus so they die and end in hell. God gives them over to their desires and their sins if they ultimately reject him. We live in a society that has chosen the ways of satan. I had a dream once where I was walking on the narrow golden highway of holiness and on this highway a few people were walking dressed in white and on the edges of the road were people who could not walk the way of holiness. Something held them in the darkness. Walking the narrow way of holiness following Jesus is a CHOICE.

People like to make up doctrines and theories of predestination saying it is destined for man to be saved or condemned when that is far from the truth. Although God does know the end results, you are free to choose today, salvation following Jesus on the narrow way, or to continue living a life of sin which ends in hell. Thousands of people fall into the eternal fires of hell every single day. They made their choice and they reaped what they sowed. This whole world is a testing place for people to choose the way to the kingdom or the way to hell. There are only two roads, the BROAD way to destruction or the NARROW way of eternal life. You cannot walk other roads dear friends, either you are on the narrow road of holiness choosing Jesus or you are choosing the broad path to destruction following your sins. It is and always will be a choice. Your free will power to choose to be saved through Jesus or not.

God will not save people who choose hell or sin. People may not choose hell purposely, but they choose the path that ends in hell, the broad easy way that everybody walks on. The way of continuing in your sin. The way of non holiness. So Christians make up for themselves doctrines to make themselves feel better while they are on the broad path to hell. They like to say that they are saved and sealed no matter what. They like to say that their salvation is secure despite their continued sin. Dear friends, the narrow gate DOES NOT lie at the end of the broad path to destruction. Christians foolishly believe that they can walk the broad way with the world and the narrow gate lies at the end of it waiting for them when the reality is the gate of HELL is waiting for them and they tumble into the fires of hell.

The truth is very simple and easy to understand. Either you choose to follow Jesus on the narrow way that leads to life and his power comes into your life because you choose him or you choose to continue in the broad path that everybody is walking on right now in this world. People who choose the broad path will continue to practice sin every day. They will continue to watch the TV. They will continue to go along and have fun in the world. They will continue to do sins of this generation and accept them too. But people on the narrow way to life, crucify their thoughts and their desires and their actions and they bring everything into submission to Jesus Christ in all holiness. What way are you choosing to walk today? Are you choosing the narrow way of holiness that Jesus spoke of? Or are you choosing the broad path to destruction that Jesus spoke of……...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Being Set Free From DEMONS

We cannot blame satan and the demons for our own short comings and our own sins. Many people Christians unbelievers alike, are bound to certain sins that cause them to continue to sin without being able to stop. It is called slavery to sin. Yet they cannot blame God, satan, demons for their lack of self control and falling into bondage. Because sin at the very beginning is always a choice. Since we were born into sin we were born into slavery to sin. But to sin is still the persons choice to allow the devil into you or not. Most people are brainwashed into following this world which allows the devil into them. they don't realise that they have a choice.

To reject him and their desires and their sins and instead to obey Jesus. All people have a choice to go to Jesu to be set free from all sin and go sin no more. All people have a choice to turn away from temptation now and in the future. All people have a choice to stand up take responsibility for their actions, go to the Lord and get set free from power to the devil. Its your choice. Nobody can blame satan, nor the devil. That is what Eve did in the garden of Eden. She blamed satan. She said that he had deceived her. But in the end she had nobody to blame but herself. Adam blamed Eve, but in the end he had nobody to blame but himself. He even blamed God. Dear friends you have to take responsibility. There is not use blaming it one the demons. People they go get involved with all these things about demons. They become infatuated by demons. They thing they have to get all these demons cast out of them when all they have to do is go to Jesus and choose him over their sins and decide in their heart to turn away and the devil is just going to run from you. He may come at you with temptation. He may come at you with some more things to try and bring you back into agreeing to be his slave by accepting sin. But you do not have to go that way anymore. Because you have a choice. A free choice. Total freedom to CHOOSE JESUS. The magic isn't going to have your demons cast out of you by some fancy preacher. Humans are not your answer. The answer is and only will every be, Jesus Christ.

When you choose to go follow him, when you from the bottom of your heart choose to accept him and decide that you don't want sin anymore, supernatural power from God is going to set you free from your slavery to sin that you fell to. What did Jesus say about casting demons out? There was a certain man that they couldnt cast demons out of, and they said "Lord why cant we cast it out?" They brought this man to Jesus, he said one word, "Get out". They got out and left. He said to them, "These kind cannot come out except though fasting and prayer." Why is that? It is because humans are not our answer. You have to go to Jesus yourself. He will just say the word and they will just leave. Dear friends it is our choice. Jesus will just say the word and they will leave. He has all the power. Don't go to fancy deliverance ministers, you just go and ask Jesus and choose him. Choose against your sin, and he will set you free himself.

I know people who Jesus supernaturally set free from the power of the devil and there was nobody around. I am not saying that praying for people who have demons and casting demons out is a bad things, these things good when it is led by the Lord. But what I am saying is don't put your trust in man, to set you free from your trouble. You go yourself to JEsus so that he can set you free. It only took him two words to send a demon out which would have taken man hours of fasting and prayer. If you are possessed today and you know it and you need help and you have a mind to seek help or you are stuck in problems and you have got a mind to want to get out, you still got will in your life, If you still got your will to choose Jesus and to accept him and leave your sin and choose against it, and take your responsibility into your hand, then you have the power to be free.

You have to go and take that. You got to take that choice. You go to decide right here and now to leave whatever it is that you are abound to and get onto your knees and cry out to Jesus Christ. Only he has the power to set you completely set you free and then in the future just continue following him despite trial and temptation and desires and attacks from the enemy. You will be victorious as long as you focus is on Christ the whole time and you will always be able to be victorious over all sin...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dont Base Faith Off Experiences

I want to tell you today that it is time for you to completely dedicate you life to following the lord Jesus Christ. There is no more time just to follow your own will. Time has run out. There is not more time just to go the way of the world continuing to follow your own will. Time has run out. If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and stand before Jesus unashamed like he said in Luke, and that goes for me too, if we want to unashamed before the Lord then it is time that we have faith in Jesus. You don't have to hear the Lord to have faith. You don't have to experience anything about the Lord to have faith. Faith is believe in Jesus and his reality. Once you have faith other things will follow.

You will start to experience things and the Lord will show you different things and you must seek his voice, seek his guidance in your life so he can lead you and you can hear him. There are Christians who base their faith on whether or not they hear Jesus. If they don't hear him they decide that he doesn't exist so they just walk off to their old life. They are like the seeds that fall on the hard stoney ground and satan comes and snatches the seed out of their heart the word, the truth. Do not base your faith off experiences. Base your faith off the truth of the word, the words of Jesus recorded in the bible. Base your faith off the truth of the reality of Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heaven right now. Base your faith in the reality of the creation that is all around you that is evidence of the Lord JEsus Christ. The trees you see growing, the wind, your very body. All these things are evidence of the reality of the Lord Father in heaven who sent his son as the only way to be right with the Father.

Don't base your faith on trying to seek signs or trying to hear the Lord rather have faith in the Lord as what he has already said and then you go seek and he is going to speak to you in time. He is going to lead you, he is going to show you things but you got to learn to listen. The Lord Jesus does speak. But many people don't take time out of their life and the things they are doing to listen. Sometimes they are too distracted by ministries. Maybe you are distracted by the church. Maybe you are distracted by your family or your wife or your job. Or maybe you are distracted by your life. Either way these distractions will blind you to hearing and seeing the Lord in this life. We need to give all our heart to seeking the Lord. You already have faith in him, but now it is time to seek him in faith, true faith. And the Lord will reward you.

He will show you things in his time. He will open your understanding. He will show you how he wants you to be. He will give you lessons. Like he gives me lessons. Lessons in what you must not do, what you should do. Lessons in how you must not act and how you must walk in the narrow way. And you go to learn from these lessons and if you are learning you are going to have peace inside of your heart. Constant peace. If you are not learning you are going to be falling to your own way and you are not going to have peace in your life. Dear friends stay in the peace and the faith of Jesus and go seek him and he will show you and teach you how to walk on the narrow way....


I have found the truth. I want to tell you how I have found the truth. I was wandering around in my life without any guidance or hope and I called out to God one day and he heard me. I said "God help me". He heard me and he brought me out of the situations I was in and he brought me to the truth. What was the truth that God brought me to? He brought me to the truth and the reality of Jesus Christ. The living water. He brought me to the truth of seeking Jesus and being filled with the living water from above. When I sought this living water, Jesus Christ, I found it. My life changed, my heart was changed.

I am not worthy to bring you this truth. I am not worthy to have this truth. But this truth will set you free. I have faith in the one and only Lord Father in heaven. He sent me that truth and I accepted it, and it was that truth that set me free. Free to live a new way, a new life. Freedom from sin. There are many who don't know what it is to be free from sin. A lot of Christians are still bound in sin. They practice sin everyday. I used to be like that and I am not worthy to receive this wonderful gift of freedom from sin, but Jesus gave it to me. I followed my own will and pursued my own desire until I sought Jesus with all my heart and mind and I found him and he set me free from sin. I was committing sins and I was a hopeless slave to sin until he came and set me free. And then I had the power to go sin no more. The old ways and the old desires still rise up inside, evil wickedness from inside which makes me unworthy, but praise Jesus I can deny that and pick up my cross and follow him.

We all have a choice in this world to follow the truth and to seek the truth and to find the truth or to reject the truth and blindly go on living our life along with everybody else. Believing our own lies, following our own philosophies of being brainwashed by our own religions. None of those paths lead to the kingdom of heaven dear friend, if you want to find the new way of light that I found -freedom from sin in my life as a follower of Jesus- then you need to call out upon the Lord in repentance, and seek him, seek the living water from above and the Lord Jesus will give you this living water. He will fill you so you will not thirst again. He will set you free from sin like he set me free from sin so you will be free to go sin no more as a Christian.

He will give you the power to live a new life and a new way like he gave me the power to live a new life and a new way. And once again I am not worthy of this new way. Nothing in inside of me is good. I have many evil and perverse desires which I have decided to turn away from and crucify and follow Jesus, in the spirit on the narrow way. There are some of you who may have fallen back to these evil desires in the heart and you have maybe known Jesus before. It is time to come back to the Lord whom you left. It is time to be forgiven, come back to the narrow way. It is time to go sin no more. Be set free once again from your evil. Dear friends let us NEVER fall back to our unworthiness, out evil inside.

I am unworthy, you are unworthy, but we do not have to follow our way anymore from now on we will dedicate our lives to living by the Holy Spirit, the living water flowing through us. And in time we will arise incorruptible. No longer this evil inside and you will no longer have to fight your flesh and crucify it, but while we are down here in our earthly body dear friends, the truth is that you have a choice to follow and obey Jesus Christ and seek his truth and his living water, or to go on following your own desires your own will and what your flesh dictates you. One way leads to life, and the other way leads to death….....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We are all responsible for our own actions. You cannot blame the devil nor your flesh for your lack of self control. You cannot blame God because you went off and practiced what was evil and then you fell to judgement. Nobody can blame anybody nor the devil nor God for their own actions. We are alone are responsible with what we do with our minds, with our hands, and with our actions and our thoughts. We alone have the power to take responsibility with what we are thinking today and with what we are doing today. We alone have the responsibility of deciding to be of one heart and mind with Jesus going to him so he can set you free from bondage to the wrong way. We are responsible and our free choice counts. What are you doing today?

Are you taking responsibility for your actions and for your thoughts, for your desires? That is what the Lord wants me to do and what I must do. There are times when I have followed my evil desires inside of me and started to think about them. There are times where I have seen a young girl and thought in my heart lustful ways and things and started to accept it. You know dear friends, all these things are going to take us to hell if we don't repent. We have to take responsibility for our eyes. When we behold things that will cause us to lust -like sometimes I am tempted to behold things that will cause me to lust- I have to be responsible of being in one heart and mind focused on Jesus about it so when this temptation comes I am actually just going to be responsible about it and just going to push it away and instead just continue to focus on the Lord. That is my responsibility. Or I can have a lack of responsibility and I can just do the lust, think about it, and start to follow it like I have done in the past and its my shame. My friends we must take responsibility, the Lord is not going to take responsibility for you.

He is going to judge you, he is going to do his responsibility and he is going to do away with you if you continue in evil and he will do his part, but he will also save you if you want to be an obedient child and take responsibility of your life today and take responsibility of making your decision about focusing on Jesus all the time and being responsible about following the Lord during your times of temptation. When you evil thoughts come and when you evil desires start to be aroused, that is when we have to be responsible. We got to be responsible children of God. Otherwise we are just going to fall. I have fallen too. I havnt taken responsibility in the past over some things I have been thinking, they are too shameful to even mention. But now the Lord shows me and he is warning all of us that we have to take responsibility of these things. We may not necessarily be doing acts of sin but we can be thinking acts of sin. We can have these things in our hearts and that is still sin even if we didn't do it. Jesus said that if you are committing adultery in your heart he said that is still sin. He said evil thoughts towards somebody is still actions of sin.

So we have to take responsibility of our thoughts and captive of our desires and take them all captive to the Lord Jesus. That is our responsibility. We have to take that responsibility in hand and go to the Lord Jesus and be in one mind with him about this and you tell him, "Lord I am taking responsibility of these things and I bring them before you and we are in one heart and one mind in agreement about these things and they will go". And you take this kind of responsibility and God honours this and he comes into your life and he helps you. But dear friends let us not learn the hard way. I have learnt the hard way many things in my life. I haven't taken responsibility I have gone and thought things I shouldn't think. I have gone and sinned and then I get this terrible oppression from the devil come into my life and then I fall from grace. Then I am not in the peace of the Lord anymore. I feel guilty and condemned. That is the way of those who fall away from the faith. Are you taking responsibility of your actions and of your faith today? What are you doing in your life?...

Monday, June 11, 2012

In An Agreement With: Jesus vs Satan

Be of one heart and mind with Jesus today. When you are faced with trial to go and sin. When you are faced with desires to go and carry out, you must align your heart mind and thoughts with Jesus right there and then. Go and speak to the Lord. Go and say to the Lord that your heart and mind wants me to live holy and my heart and mind wants me to holy therefore we are in AGREEMENT. Go and tell the Lord that. Tell him that you agree with him that you want to be holy. And when you are both in agreement that is when you are going to have power to overcome dear friends. You are both agreeing that you want to walk the righteous narrow way. When God and man are in agreement, that is when power comes into your life. Are you in one agreement, one heart and mind with Jesus today? Are you abiding with the Lord Jesus? Let us be of one heart and one mind and align our hearts and ways with Jesus today. During the temptations and during the desires of the flesh, you go and align yourself with Jesus and you go and tell him, "I am in one mind with you right now. I agree I want to do this, the righteous path, you agree that you want me on the righteous man, therefore we are going to be there." Because God and man agreeing means it is going to happen. Are you dong this? Or are you actually agreeing with satan instead and satan is telling you that I want you and I agree with you to go and do this sin, and your body is agreeing with it. So you and satan are in agreement and you go and sin. Who are you in agreement with? Jesus or satan? ...

Myth: Christians Don't Get Tempted

Believers mistakenly believe that you wont go through trial and temptation anymore once Jesus sets you free and you come to be a Christian. The truth is that temptation will come to test you to see if you are worthy to enter the kingdom if your faith is genuine. How are we worthy to enter the kingdom? It is when our faith has been proven. Faith in Jesus proven. You will not enter the kingdom of heaven except that you go through many trials, temptation to sin and that you have endured and have overcome. Many people fall during this period. They don't overcome. They get tempted and they go and sin. But it is those who endure under the temptation, they decide that even they have failed in the past they decide that now they are going to endure. They are going to have proper faith in Jesus. They are the ones who are going to overcome. Why? It is because when have true faith in Jesus it is then that we are set free and given the power to overcome during temptation. So be not surprised when you go through temptation to the very evilest desires to the very least. You will get them to some degree. But blessed is he who works out his faith before the Lord during temptation and he shows the Lord whom he is going to serve, Jesus and not the sin that is tempting him. What are you doing today in your temptations? Are you proving your faith? Or are you proving that you are just a sinner ...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Word From Jesus: Abide 10/6/12

Abide in me and I will abide in you. Apart from me you can do nothing. For accept you abide in me and I in you will you be able to accomplish what I set out to do. I came to set a fire on this earth. A dividing Fire of Truth. When you abide in me, your thoughts become my thoughts Your ways, my ways. If you do not abide in me, and I in you Your ways will not be my ways, nor my thoughts my thoughts. Each man who is led by his own thoughts ends in his folly. But those who abide in me and I in them align their thoughts with me and their ways with my ways because I abide with them. All believers who lay their faith in me must abide with me. Woe to those who don't abide in me and I in them. Their end will be their own undoing for they did not abide in me but followed their own path outside of me. But those who abide in me shall find comfort peace and strength during trial and will abide with me in my Father's Kingdom...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Your Big Reward In Heaven

Be dogged and systematic in pursuing your faith in the narrow way not matter what and you will have your reward in heaven. Plough the way of faith faithfully without looking back with perseverance despite anything. Pursue the Lord with perseverance, doggedness, don't look back don't give up just keep going no matter what and you will reap your reward in heaven.

The Lord is returning soon with his rewards to give to those who faithfully obey him. He will return like he says. He said pray and watch that you shall be counted worthy to stand before the son of man on that day. He will return. He says very clearly in revelation, he warns that if you persevere and remain faithful he is going to spare you from the hour of trial that is coming upon the whole earth. Dear friends pursue the Lord, pursue the faith with all doggedness, perseverance and don't look back no matter what comes your way, no matter how you feel do not look back. Pursue the Lord even when you feel like you are falling and all your feelings are against you and you are being tempted to be full of doubt. Plough on ahead, pursue the faith, be dogged, persevere, be systematic and you will have your reward in heaven....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get FREE From Lust Addictions And SIn

Don't try and work your way to heaven on your own. It will never work. That is works based salvation if you try and get there on your own strength. WE can be victorious everyday if we trust in the Lord. I want to share with you my experience. I used to have a problem with certain sins that I couldnt help myself, I just continued to do them. I had a swearing problem, I had a lust problem. I would promise the Lord I am going to stop this time and I would try and stop and sure I could stop for a little while but after a week or two it would just come back it would just happen again. The devil would always bring about a strong situation where I was sure to fall. So I was always feeling guilty about something and going on around a merry-go-round of guilt of rededication promise and falling and then guilt again. Things took a big change in my life when I turned to the Lord. Instead of promising the lord that I was going to this and I was going to do that, I said two words. I said "God help me". That is when change came. I then asked the Lord to deliver me from the power of these sins. I said I am sorry for these. In my heart I was repentant and the Lord Jesus broke the power over these things for me and then I suddenly realised later that I no longer had a problem with these things anymore.

The devil tried different tactics to get me to choose sin again. Because let me make one thing very clear, if you actually choose to do your sins. If you got a problem and you choose to accept it back or you choose it again because you want it again, the Lord doesnt stop you from having the problem back again and becoming its slave if you really choose it. So the devil was then trying to tempt me different ways to get me to choose it back. You see I had the victory I didn't have a problem with those things anymore so the devil brought other ways. He started to tempt me in different ways. So I had to choose to make sure I stay in the victory of Christ that he originally gave me and I had the victory. Sometimes it was a little difficult but I still had the victory, why? Because Jesus Christ set me free. It is because by his power I was set free I didn't go off my own strength. Some other things came into my life. I tried to go off my own strength to get rid of them and deal with them. It didn't work. I just went round and round in circles. I wanted to not do those things, I wanted to repent, I was feeling repentant about it, but then my desires would just get away on me. It was when I took those things to the Lord JEsus and I asked him "Lord help me". And that is when I got the power in my life. That is when I was able to overcome. BEcause I said to the Lord, I choose to repent I choose you and I asked him to help me. And when you are doing that the Lord will help you and he will take the power of those things out of your life because he alone has all the power in heaven and on earth. You cant do it on your own.

You have to go to the Lord Jesus and get him to free you himself. It all starts with saying "Lord help me" And that is where you can be set free. But first you have to decide to turn away from your love of sin and to repent and then you go and ask the Lord to help you and it is by the power of God not your own strength that you are set free from sin because it is not works based salvation. You don't work your way to heaven because you are so strong. If the Lord left you you would just go straight back to your evil. We get into heaven because of the Lord Jesus Christ and his power and what he has done for us because we choose him because that is what our work is. Jesus said the work of man is to choose to believe in the one whom he sent which is Jesus Christ. So our work is to choose the Lord Jesus he does all the rest. Are you choosing the Lord Jesus and dedicating yourself to him completely today? If you do that he will set you free from sin.

If you are not dedicating your life to the Lord completely today and you are just continuing to choose your own path then he cannot set you free from sin because you are choosing to be a slave of sin. Choose to be a slave of Jesus not a slave of sin today. And then don't try and battle your addictions and battle your desires and your sins by your own strength trying to give them up and promising the Lord "Ah Im going to give it up this time". Don't do this instead make up your mind you are going to turn away from these things and then go and ask the Lord and say "Lord help me". And he will take it out of you and you will be free by the power of God and it is not by the power of man or your own strength...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Don't try to fight your desires and your sins without God. It is never going to work. The way to have victory over addictions and sins and desires in your life is to simply ask the Lord God, Help me. Ask him to take these things out of your life. Of corse first you must choose but there is no use asking God to help you if you yourself don't want to turn away from your desires and your sins.

It all goes with your choice. If you choose today to turn away from these things and stop loving them and then you ask God to free you, you ask him to take your desires out, that is where your victory will come from. Because it is not by the hand of man and it is not by our own strength that we can overcome, it is only when we trust in the Lord Jesus and we ask him, Please take these things from me. At the same time we have made a decision to turn away from these things. Are you struggling with desire and temptations.

Are you struggling with addiction today? Then go, decide to turn away from them today and cry out to the Lord God and ask him, Please Lord take away these things I do not want them. And the Lord God has the power to do so. It is by his power dear friends that you shall enter his kingdom. We cannot do it trying to do it ourself. When you try and quit your addictions and sins off your own strength you just run around in circles of failure and repeat and failure. But when you decide to turn away from them and cry out to the Lord, that is when you get victory in your life. That is when power comes to put these things out and have a new way, a new heart for pleasing the Lord. Go dear friends, ask the Lord to help you and he will. Praise his name......

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Remove from your life the stumbling blocks when temptation comes your way. Remove from what it is that is going to cause your flesh to rise up and be a stumbling block for you.

Take out of your life and your walk anything that is going to tempt you if you can. When you are faced with temptation, deal with the temptation, flee the temptation if necessary. Do not allow yourself to be put into a position where you are going to fail. Take our of your life everything that could cause you to fall short of the glory of God by falling to a desire to your flesh.

If something cause you a trouble with your flesh then remove it from your life and get it out of your life. If there is something that causes you to be tempted, then get it out and don't put yourself in that temptation no matter how small or great it may be. Remove yourself from temptation where necessary. Remove yourself from the stimuli that causes you flesh to arise within you. If there is a trouble with something that is causing you to fall then get it out of your way. Remove your eyes from whatever it is that can cause you to stumble. Be savvy and don't allow yourself to be tempted. And if you are tempted deal with it and flee temptation when necessary. Don't tempt fate. Don't gamble on your eternal life. Focus on Jesus serve him and flee temptation....


Run for the prize, run for the prize of eternal life with endurance and do not look back. Run with your eyes fixed on the prize of eternal life with Jesus Christ in the kingdom of Heaven. Get into the race of faith today. Put your faith in Jesus Christ today and run for the prize. Don't look back. Don't be on the sidelines.

Just focus on Jesus and run with endurance all the way to the end playing by the rules so that you will not be disqualified in the end. I am running this race of faith. Now how about you, are you running this race of faith too? The race of holiness on the narrow way obeying and following Jesus? OR are you sidelined out just fornicating with the world doing your own thing not focusing or living for Jesus. If you are doing that you are not even in the race. You are not even running for the prize. Let us run for the prize. Let us focus on the Lord Jesus and run with endurance. Run with purpose. Focus on the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness. The Lord Jesus' righteousness and everything else will fall into place but RUN RUN FOR THE PRIZE......

Monday, June 4, 2012


Jesus gave me a second chance to miss hell and get it right and be saved. I gave myself to the Lord at an early age but I didn't want to follow him later and I fell any and I fell into sin and I just followed my own path and then in 2008 Jesus woke me up. I was in difficulty and I had nowhere to go so I cried out to the Lord Jesus to please help. I cried out to the Lord, "Help me" and the Lord gave me peace. I continued living my own way and then a few months after I had cried out for help, the Lord brought me across the testimony of another brother in Christ who used to be in the occult and who had seen the reality of the demon world.
And he was also was shown how true Christians are, how they are a light in this world. And how they have the joy of Christ around them and how they walk in the light andI knew that I wasn't walking in the light. I knew that I was not one of these true followers of Jesus. I realised that the Lord wanted me to seek him again and to live for him. I realised that the Lord was giving me a second chance. Not long after I came across the testimony of another brother when I started to seek for the truth and this brother was shown by the Lord that time was short and judgement was coming and he was shown the reality of hell. And I knew I was on my way to hell. I suddenly realised that I needed to be saved because I wasn't right with the Lord and I realised that this was going to be the only chance I was going to get. It was either now, or never. I knew that I had to seek the Lord Jesus and I knew that I had to find him and I knew I had to seek until I find. I knew I had to make the most of this second chance so I got on my knees and I started to seek the Lord and I decided to repent because I knew that I was on my way to hell and I knew that this would be the only chance I would get.
I knew that time was short. So I got on my knees and I started to pray to the Lord and I repented of my sin and then light came into my life and that very night when I was praying the Lord started to speak to me and he started to show me things and he started to open my heart to his reality. And I began to hear the voice of the Lord in my spirit and I began to realise the truth for what it really was. I realised that I needed Jesus. I needed him to forgive my sins because I was living a life of rebellion and I was not following the right path. I realised that I needed to be forgiven because I was on my way to hell. I knew that it was either now or never.
I knew that I must get myself right with Jesus before it was too late so I sought and I found the Lord and he started to lead and guide me. And he put peace into my life and he took away the sins that I was bound to and he set me free from sin because in my old life I was doing sins that I knew that I shouldn't do but I did them anyway because the sin that was within me was living within me and I was a slave to it. So even though I knew I should be doing right and I knew what was right, I wasn't free to carry out my good intentions because I was bound to sin within me that lived within me. And so Jesus set me free from that. It was a miracle. It was the power of my testimony that Jesus gave me a second chance and he set me free from sin. So I am using my second chance to enter the kingdom and walk the narrow way to the kingdom of God following Jesus. What are you doing with your second chance? Are you squandering it? ...

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I am just lucky I can be this new way because of Jesus Christ. It is because of Jesus that I can walk this new way and turn away from the wicked things I used to do. It is because of Jesus Christ that I have been changed and I have been changed and I can walk on the new way. So I invite you to come and walk on the new way so that you too can experience this new path, this new way. Followers of the new way. If you turn to Jesus Christ he will forgive your sins and he will change you and he will do the impossible and he will set you free from being a slave to sin. Sin is the desires of your flesh. Sin is those things that you desire to be inside of you and you go and do and you know that these things are wrong and you look back in shame at what you did, but that is who you were. That is what sin is. But if you want to be set free from this way of who you are because who we are is sinful. If you want to be set free from that then turn to Jesus Christ and he will change you and he will change you and make you a new way so that you can live pure and free in a different way and no longer sin anymore. I have done many things in my past that are very shameful. I regret.

We all have these regrets we have these things that we wish that we didn't do. Words we wished we didn't say. Thoughts and things that we wish we didn't have in our hearts that we were. Ways that we wish we just weren't. Ways in our hearts we wish we weren't towards people. Deeds we wished we just never did but they are there to haunt us and we did those things no matter what happens we have those in our past and we cannot run away from our past. This is where Jesus Christ is such good news. Is that if you truly want to turn to him and be changed and come on a new way, then all you have to do is repent and accept him into your heart and set yourself aside for him and seek to follow him and obey him and pray to him and seek to know him. What will happen is he will come into your life and he will change you, your spirit, to be a different way. And he will forgive your past so that all these shameful things you have done and all these sins you have done are put behind you and forgive before God and you are able to enter the kingdom as righteous before God. That is what Jesus will do for you if only you repent and set yourself aside for him because once you follow Jesus and you have been set apart from sin by the Lord Jesus, once his grace has set you free from your evil, then you can indeed go sin no more and live holy everyday and you no longer have to be bound to your sins. You no longer have to struggle with your sins. You just have to turn away any future temptations to come back to the broad way that leads to hell. You just need to continue to turn away from your flesh that wants you to bring you away from the new way of victory of Jesus Christ following the spirit. But dear friends we don't have to do that. Once you have been set free by Jesus Christ and made born again and made right before God where he will welcome you into his kingdom because you have faith in Jesus, once you have done that you are now free to just follow the Spirit and just follow the spirit through all testing and all trial all the way until you enter the kingdom of God.

So let us follow the spirit dear friends. Let us put to death the deeds of the flesh and just live for Jesus. Because when you turn to him he will set you free so that you can live a new way. You see if you just stay in your old way you are in now and you think that you can somehow make yourself good enough before God, you are deceived and you will never will be for your heart for a start is still in the old way and you need Jesus to actually change you on the inside and open your eyes to the truth. So you need to actually call upon the name of Jesus and accept Jesus. You need to open your heart and ask him to come into your heart and set you free from all your sins and what will happen is if you really mean it and you really cry out to him and ask him to wash away your sins and change you heart and make you born again, what happens is you will come on a new path in your heart, a new way and thats the way you should continue to follow. Don't go back to the old way just follow this new what the JESUS will give you. Of you own accord, of your own power and of your own strength in your old way you cannot make yourself be this new way you have to have Jesus Christ put you on this new way. You have to turn to the Lord Jesus and be born again there is no other way. You cannot make it trying to follow the do nots in life and trying to not sin as a non believer in Jesus it doesn't work.

You have to be turned and changed in the inside in your heart by Jesus Christ so that he has written his laws in your heart and you can only do this if you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as you Lord today and you pray to him and you must continue to follow him and keep away from the broad path and walk with him on the narrow path and keep away from any future temptations leading you back to sin so that you can indeed go sin no more and live holy from this day forth and if you do stumble and you do fall the Lord is going to forgive you if you turn away from that false path you went astray on and you just continue to follow Jesus on the narrow way of holiness. Jesus is the only answer dear friend. You must set yourself apart for him today. Come and experience the new way on the narrow way of being able to choose against sin. Being able to have victory over sin. Being able to have a clean conscience that you are right before God because of Jesus Christ. And everybody enters the kingdom because of the new way the Jesus places within us that no man can boast because it is not by our own works that we enter the kingdom but by Jesus Christ and what he did for us on the cross. So dear friends set yourself apart from Jesus today. Become born again so that you can come on this new way of holiness obeying Jesus until you enter his kingdom, and then you will receive your crown of salvation. May Jesus bless you…...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Works Grace Sin Law Salvation

Denying the way of the flesh and putting to death the deeds of the flesh and turning away from the desires and lusts and gratifications of the flesh and instead following the holiness of God through our faith in Jesus Christ, is not striving to obey the 10 commandments and the law of Moses and works based salvation. Many Christians foolishly believe that to turn away from the broad path to destruction which is following the flesh and what it dictates you, they foolishly believe that this is striving to keep the law of Moses when it is no such thing for Paul and all the apostles and Jesus, they all warned that following the flesh and the dictates of the flesh leads to death. And that is what sin is, it is following the gratifications and the desires of the flesh and what you flesh wants you to do. That is what sin is. The things your flesh wants you to be satisfied by. All these things that your flesh wants you to do to gratify its deep down desires are of evil. And that is what sin is, it is enmity to God and it always will be. That is why when you have faith in Jesus as a sinner and you repent and you believe in him as a sinner, he forgives your sins and he washes you clean and he makes you born again so you can now follow the Holy Spirit. The way of the Spirit instead of being a slave to the way of the flesh.

What Jesus does is he gives you two roads. He makes the narrow way available to you that if you continue to walk on it following Jesus you will be saved. But if you then turn back and you go back to the old broad way which you are able to do if you wish, if you choose, then you will be condemned by the Law of Moses. Dear friends we have to understand this very very clearly that unless you have been changed by Jesus and you have been BORN AGAIN and you experience his Holy Spirit and you are baptised in his name, unless you do that, unless you experience that you cannot enter the kingdom of God. You have to lay your faith in Jesus Christ today and pray and seek him and obey him because he is the way to life. There is no other way. You must seek him, be baptised in his name and follow and obey him and you will be saved because the new way will come into your life. He will write his laws in your heart. Things that you cannot change in your life he will free you from sin, from the broad path you are enslaved to. All the sins of the flesh that you have been brought to enslavement to, he is going to free you from those if you choose him today and you choose against your own path you are on at the moment.

But you have to make that choice yourself. You have to yourself go to Jesus in sincere prayer and cry out to him and ask him to save you and forgive you and he will. Because he loves people and he wants to forgive them. So as long as you go to Jesus Christ in faith knowing he wants to know you and he wants to forgive you, then you are going to experience the born again new way in life where you can have joy and freedom from sin just like I was able to experience but you have to seek the Lord. You have to give yourself to him, you have to pray, you have to accept him, you got to make that choice that only you can make. Nobody can make it for you. And we have to turn away from the ways of this world. We cant anymore just follow the ways of immorality. We cant just follow the lusts of the flesh and the pride of eyes, the pride of life. And all the things that our flesh wants us to do. All those wicked movies we like to watch. All that immorality on TV that we are so engrossed in that trips us up into the wrong thinking and keeps us following the ways of the flesh and not the Holy Spirit. It all has got to go. All those pursuits you are chasing after in this world, the lusts of the flesh of achievement, the lusts of the flesh for money and the lusts of the flesh for satisfying your selfish desires. It has all got to go.

We all have needs in this world, Jesus will provide for our needs yes. But the seeking and the chasing after the world and the living for ourself and being selfish and not having love, it has all got to go and turn to Jesus so that he can give us a new heart so we can live holy like the apostles and we can love and we can obey Jesus and follow Jesus how he wanted us to follow him. Are you willing to do this today my friends, well then it is time to make the decision, the decision for Jesus Christ and you got to make it purely and wholly, properly in all parts of you. You have to make that decision and stick with it and don't turn back. Make the right choice today be saved leave the ways of this crooked generation. Go cry out on the name of the Lord and you will be saved. May the Lord Jesus bless you....