Sunday, May 6, 2012

When Your Time IS UP

Lets face it dear friends, if you had only a short time left to get yourself ready for Jesus would you do it? Lets face it. If you were given a week to be ready for the Lord Jesus, what would you change in your life if you knew that you were going to meet the Lord in some way in a week? where it would either be heaven or hell, glory and triumph or shame. What would you decide to put out of your life today and really decide. Really make up your mind about it today. What would you decide to turn away from today and put behind you, How strong would be decide to be in your choice against picking up another cigarette or taking some more beer, going to the bar? 

How serious would you be about turning away from another way, or another lustful throughout or lustful desire? How serious would you be about turning away from those things if you knew that it  was tomorrow that you were going to have to have a decision made about you heaven or hell because you will have to stand before the Lord tomorrow. How serious would you be then? Would you change some things in your life and go and tell some people you are sorry that you havnt made up to yet? Would you be serious enough to give your whole life to Jesus Christ, everything and stop hanging onto the paths of this world. Would you be so serious enough to go and turn away from every single sin that you have in your life that you know about? Would you dedicate your life to be completely obedient  to Jesus Christ between now and the end of the week if you knew that it was the end of the week that your time would be up and you would come to meet Jesus, whether it would be at his return or your death? How serious would you be if you knew that Jesus was going to return the next day? Would you change anything? Would you take a good look at why you aren't turning away from certain temptations and desires? Would you make the do or die effort knowing that it will be heaven or hell depending on which way you choose? 

We all know that if we follow Jesus and we obey his commandments and we turn away from our evil and we live for Jesus Christ, we all know that if we do that we will be saved. We have confidence in our salvation if we do obey Jesus and follow and obey his commandments without compromise.  So I want to ask you today, how serious are you about doing this?: Obeying Jesus, doing his commandments and leaving all your sins. How serious are you about that? If you knew that you had tomorrow to get ready, would you get ready in such a way that you would want the Lord Jesus Christ to say "Well done my good and faithful servant" because you are going about doing the will of the Lord you are not just living your own life. You are actually living for Jesus and sharing him where you can. Would you do that? It is a serious questions because the time will come soon where everybody is going to stand before the Lord in some way or other. And if you are not ready and your time is up then where will you be? And how do you know that you have another week? Nothing is guaranteed or assured. It could be tomorrow. Are you ready to meet JESUS?