Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Followers of Jesus and people who are dedicated to the narrow way and who have come to Jesus and they have set their lives apart for him, they will be tempted. Do not be surprised when you come against many temptations and many trials and may uprisings in your flesh trying to bring you back to the broad way that you have left. As a follower of Jesus and somebody who is dedicated to seeking the Lord and following him and obeying his commandments, you are going to get opposition. So you have to set yourself up and stand against the opposition on the rock of Christ. It is when you stand against the opposition on the rock, your house shall not fall. 

You must dedicate your life and your strength and all you are to focusing on Jesus Christ so that you will not fall during temptation. Temptation will come. These things will come. Your flesh will try to rise up against you and bring you back to its submission. Dear souls I want to warn you today that you are not going to be without battles and trials and temptations of sin from the devil in your walk. You will never be free from those things until you have overcome them until the end. Because that is what Jesus and the apostles all warned about in the scriptures, we are to endure until the end under temptation and overcome and we shall receive the crown of life. 

When you follow the dictates of the flesh and what it wants you to do and the temptations from the devil you shall die unless you turn away from them and repent. But if you put those things to death daily by focusing on Jesus you shall live. When you have desires and troubles that are arising up inside your flesh, yourself, these things are not sin until you act upon these things. When you have these things rise up inside of you, turn them away by focusing on Jesus and following the spirit and thus crucifying them by the power of your faith in Jesus Christ because you are building your house on the rock of Christ. Your weapon is the rock, when you strongly and firmly have your faith in Jesus Christ you know that he is leading you to his kingdom because you interact with him and he has died for your sins and you are confident.

You have build your house on this rock. And when you are standing on this rock despite all these temptations, despite the flesh rising up with evil desire within you, despite deception in the world you will never fall because you have all your faith in Jesus on the rock. So be strong my friends, be strong.

 Lay your faith in Christ and obey him in all you do. Be strong in the face of desire from your flesh. Be strong in the face of temptation from the devil. It is something you will have to work out before you can enter the kingdom. You have to work out whether you want to serve the flesh or the spirit. The Lord will allow you to fall into temptation to test your intentions to see how strong you really are going to be. Are you going to turn away from your love of sin or not? Let us always make the right choice my friends so that we too can inherit the kingdom of God. For the Lord is the victory for all those who trust him. And if you trust him and your love is for him you shall not fall not even to the worst of temptations nor desires.

Be strong my friends stand on the rock your faith is in the Lord. Who can fail? Since your faith is in the Lord who can be against you? For the Lord is with you. May he continue to lead you on the narrow way and bless you amen...