Saturday, May 19, 2012


The only way to overcome the flesh and its desires and the things it is trying to get you to fall to today, is to have all your focus on Jesus Christ. Because when people are focused on Jesus, there is a certain supernatural power they can get from the Lord when they are able to turn away from temptation and from evil within them. If you want to be able to experience this new walk, this new way where you can have victory over the desires and things your flesh wants you to do, and if you no longer want to be bound in guilt and shame because you know you are doing things you know you shouldn't do, then it is time to focus all of you on Jesus.

Because it is only when you focus all of yourself on Jesus and you live your life in prayer to him, that you can overcome. You cannot do it without him. Without him you wouldn't be able to find the right way you would continue to fall to your evil. It is only if you decide to choose the narrow way by denying your flesh and picking up your cross and going and focusing on Jesus, it is only if you do that that you can have the power to be perfect as the Lord commands. Because he is the one who puts his love into you and shows you the right way that you should go in your life. But if we are continuing to follow our flesh and its dictates and the things it wants us to do, then we are going to perish. It is only if you take out the distractions from your life and you get serious about Jesus and you focus on him properly and you give yourself to him you spend time speaking to the Lord and you turn away in your heart from what is evil, you turn away from it and instead you focus on Jesus.

It is only if you do that that you can experience the narrow way of overcoming till the end so that you too can be saved. Dear friend we need to focus only on Jesus. Get out focus off all these other things, they are only a destruction from the devil so you will not be victorious over your flesh. For Jesus got the victory and it is through him that he will set you free from sin and it is through him that you will be able to walk a new way a narrow way of holiness. It is always through Jesus nothing else. You cannot do it on your own power, you need Jesus. You need to focus on Jesus. He will give you the strength and the power to overcome, be holy, and deny the flesh. Focus on Jesus, focus only on Jesus......