Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Few Christians fear God. How can I say that? I say that because few Christians believe that they have to dedicate their lives to obeying Jesus and leaving all works of iniquity. Few. The rich man that Jesus spoke of lived a life of pleasing himself and when he died he was clapped straight into hell. He was not given one single chance. He went straight to hell. Christians do not fear God. Why do you not realise that the Lord is not your bar buddy, he is not your friends who just fits in with you. Either you fit in with Jesus and what he says or you are kicked out and straight to hell. You will not pass go, nor collect 200.

You will be clapped straight in hell if you die in your sins that you are doing today. God has no mercy on sin that you do not turn away from. No mercy. He had no mercy on all those in Noah's day. They went straight to hell. He has no mercy on those who do not dedicate their lives to obeying the true gospel, but they go on in their own pleasures, like everybody else, and then they die. There is no mercy for them once you die that is it. God ends any chance of receiving mercy.

Now we have mercy while we are alive through Jesus Christ who did indeed die for our sins. That is where our mercy is so you better accept his terms. His terms are that you believe upon him and you dedicate your life to following him. He doesn't allow you to go off and walk in your own paths.

I have a friend and brother in Christ who did just that, and he paid very very dearly. But the Lord extended his mercy and allowed this brother to come back instead of clapping him straight into hell. This brother accepted it and came back. Now if you do not accept the warning to come back and then you die, then it is over for you, OVER.

You have to be serious about your relationship with following Jesus and obeying all his commands of holiness in all areas of your life, and that goes for me too. Because Jesus is mercy. He is Gods mercy. Only Jesus, there is no other mercy. You cannot find mercy any other way at all. There is only mercy to be found in obeying the commandments of the Lord and trusting in Jesus Christ. That is where you get mercy. that is where you will not be sent to hell for your sins that you are already condemned for if he had not died for you.

That is why you can be so grateful today that Jesus has set you free from sin if you really believe in him. But I tell you now if you are not set free from sin and you are still living a life of sin and you are doing your own will, and you are living your own live chasing after what you want to do and God is not part of that, you are going to be clapped straight in hell if you die just like the rich man. Do you FEAR GOD?

Fearing God is more than going to church it is more than saying you believe in Jesus. Fearing God means you realise that the Lord is like a lion who can devour you if he wants yet he will not while you have life for he offers you the chance of salvation every single day through Jesus and leaving your sin.

But if you reject the only way and you just go on in following what you want to do and sinning everyday in your lusts and in your sin everything. Actually committing acts of sin in your flesh everyday. The time will come and the mercy time of chance that you have of this way and get serious about Jesus and leave your sin will END. And what happens then?

You will go straight to hell without even passing go nor collecting 200 you will be straight in HELL. Do you fear God who has the power to not only take your life, but to then cast your soul into the eternal fires of hell? Do you fear God? Are you one of the few Christians who fear the Lord their God enough to dedicate their life to him and obey his every command knowing he is not their bar buddy, and he is not their friend that fits in with them. He is their friend of holiness and righteousness and he doesn't change you have to turn to him and dedicate your life to him. Your life right now is Gods mercy because you haven't died yet and you havnt been clapped into hell. Wake up dear soul, fear God and be serious about Jesus and dedicate your life to him…....