Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keeping The 10 Commandments, Muslim Jews Christian

The Muslim way cannot save you. The Muslims pray 5 times a day to the God of Abraham. That is what they believe. They believe Abraham is their father and they follow all the rules and stipulations as what they believed was given to them by the god of Abraham whom they call Allah. To them you must not eat shellfish and certain meats. They were very religious about it.

If you are a real muslims you do not eat anything but proper halal food. You must pray religiously 5 times a day focusing toward the right place. They believe that if you follow there moral standards that they have written down in their laws, you will inherit Gods kingdom. They believe that as long as you keep all these things, if you train you wife to obey you, you have lots of children, you don't drink alcohol, you do many things. Many religious commandments. They believe that this is what will save them on the last day. They reject JEsus because they already have their way to salvation which is to keep their law which they believe comes from the god of Abraham. Now Christians do that same thing.

They believe that the God of Abraham and that if we follow only him we are going to be saved. They don't realise that the God of Abraham sent Jesus Christ to save you. And that the old way of keeping all those laws has gone and it is no longer the way to be saved. They believe, many of these Christians, believe that we got to keep the 600 odd laws of the Torah and all the religions commandment and the believe strictly that we must keep the 10 commandments strictly. Yet they do not follow Jesus they do not obey the ways of Jesus. They are too blinded in keeping their religions way like the muslims that they start to live on the wrong path like the muslims do. They just don't know Jesus, he is not their saviour. The Muslims agree that Jesus came in the flesh, they agree that he was a great man, he did lots of good teachings they say. They believe that he will return again and he will tell them that we all got to listen to Muhammad and Allah.

That is what the Muslims believe, now the Christians who follow the Jewish was also believe this in their own way. They believe that Jesus was a great prophet, but they believe that Jesus will tell you to follow the 10 commandments and the laws of the Torah to be saved. They don't believe truly that is is through being born again of the spirit that you can enter the kingdom only. They don't believe that you have to be born again from above before you can enter the kingdom of God. They think it is by religion laws and commandments that we can be saved so they are busy like the Muslims trying to be the best Jewish Christian that they can be yet they don't have faith in Jesus. They profess him, like the Muslims, they say that he is a great man, a great prophet, but they don't actually believe in him nor follow him. He is not their salvation, their salvation is the Torah. Their salvation are the commandments from Abraham all the way down to Abraham like the Muslims. You see these Jewish Christians and Muslims are the same. They way they are saved they believe is by keeping these commandments to be a good Muslim or good Christians Jewish person.

A good follower of the old law. A good old testament keeper. That is what they believe. they do not realise that Jesus Christ is the new way to be saved and the only way to be saved. The only that was ever to be saved by. Because they do not realise that people like David and Moses and all those people, they were not worthy to enter the kingdom of God, no dear friend, it wasn't until Jesus died and carried their sins that they could become born again and then enter Gods kingdom. That is why Jesus spoke of paradise in the bible, where he said that Abraham was in paradise. He wasn't in the kingdom of heaven, he was in paradise. which was near hell. Beside hell. There was a big gulf fixed between the places and one was more of a place of rest and the other was a place of complete torment. But it wasn't the kingdom of heaven dear friends. Why? Because they were not worthy to enter because they had already broken the law. David had killed people. Moses had disobeyed God. These people had broken the commandments. They were not worthy to enter the kingdom of God. There is only one person that entered the kingdom of God dear soul. Who was that? It was Jesus Christ. Why? He was the perfect son of God. he was guiltless, no sin and he was able to walk into the kingdom of God by the power of God that rested upon him. Why? Because he and God were one and he was God in the flesh.

That is why. So it was only at that time that any of these great people could enter the kingdom. Moses, Abraham, all these people. They were all sinners to dear soul. They died in their sin. Of corse they kept the commands as best they could but they had broken them before. Look David had broken the commandment to not commit adultery. Look at that, he was guilty of hell fire because it says that those who break the law shall be condemned. So you are busy trying to trust in the law keeping the Moses commandments when you are already condemned by those commandments because you didn't keep them all. Only Jesus Christ was able to fully satisfy the whole law of God and it wasn't through religions traditions as we know because Jesus rebuked the pharisees for religions traditions like hand washing and certain foods and all this kind of thing. It wasn't through religions traditions, no, the true law of God was the heart of God following the right way.

And Jesus was able to satisfy this. Nobody else was able to do this not even Abraham. You claim Abraham as you father yet you and Abraham have already broken the law. Dear friends we have one father and that is the father in heaven. And the father in heaven made the way to be saved from the beginning of the earth, he didn't bring the torah to save you. The torah was to keep moral standards in this world. To curb evil because of the hardness of their hearts. The torah didn't exist before Moses so we simply cant trust in trying to obey the Torah to enter Gods kingdom, it just isn't going to work. Because until you have a new heart until you have a new spirit, until you have been born again from above, you are never going to keep the right way that the Lord requires you to keep, it is going to be impossible for you. You are not going to be able to enter the kingdom because your old ways are still going to condemn you without being born again from above.

You see having faith in Jesus Christ is truly the only way that you can ever enter Gods kingdom. So we no longer need to be striving to keep the Torah and the commandments however we should be striving to obey the Lord Jesus and what he shows us to do in our hearts and his words we must obey. The Lord Jesus doesn't commend way, he doesn't commend killing, he doesn't comment hate, he ways we must give, he says to turn the other cheek, don't fight, you are not of this world but a different world do not involve in the ways of this world that is what Jesus said. You see when we are born from above we are no longer like the old way, like the muslims or the Jews of the Jewish Christians striving to follow the earthly commands. No we have our hearts and spirits changed by God so we are free to obey Jesus and go where he leads and keep the law of love in all righteousness in all peace in all hope in all strength because our faith is on the rock of Christ. Do not be deceived, the Muslim way cannot earn you a place in the kingdom of God, you must be born again through Jesus Christ. May the Lord Jesus be with you......