Monday, May 21, 2012

Is Your Heart STONEY?

Some wheat fell on the good ground and it grew up, and the seed that fell on the good ground was the good mans heart who heard the word and obeyed it. He did the word. Dear friends to get to this stage where you can bear some 30 fold, some 60 fold as much as the one seed that was planted, to get to this stage you have to obey the words of Jesus as he said: The good man, the good ground had faith, heard the way to salvation, obeyed the commandments, repented, turned from his sin and followed Jesus.

And this is what he bears, some 30 fold, some 60 fold and some 100 fold. Many seeds fall on the stoney ground then the seed grows but then it dies and withers up and becomes nothing. It gets all yellow and get choked out by the cares of this world, by the weeds, and by the tares. This wheat, this seed, is the heart of those who hear the world, who hear the way to salvation, the narrow way of denying self and following Jesus and obeying his commands, but they have no roots and the cares and desires of this world come up and choke out the seed. They bear no fruit, they are Christians who just follow the ways of this world, their seed has died they have no faith. Others are planted on the stoney ground and on the stoney ground the sun came up and scorched the plant, the wheat, and it died as soon as it sprouted. That is those who hear the word but the enemy comes and snatches away the seed and it dies. They are straight back into the world doing their sin all over again. Many people hear the way to Jesus but few actually apply his words and very few produce fruits. Do you have fruit in your spiritual walk?

Has the seed grown up and born fruit for the Lord? Or is your seed dead in your sin? What kind of fruits do you have today? Are your fruits the fruits of the spirit of faith in Jesus, in holiness, righteousness, other souls for the kingdom of God leading others into holiness, Bearing fruit some 50 fold some 100 fold for Jesus. Is that your fruit? Or is your seed dead, dead in your worries, dead in the weeds, dead in the cares of this world. Or has the enemy snatched away your seed and you believed lies from the devil so that your seed has died in the stoney ground. What is it for you today? What are you going to do with the words of truth I give you today?...