Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get Deadwood Out Of Your Life

Dear soul you must take a stand and get the driftwood out of your life. Break off the deadwood and cut it out from around you. Every tree that is dead wood is going to be cut down and cast into the fire by God. We who love Jesus must stop having sin and evil dictate us so that we are just deadwood useless to God. We have to get the dross and the deadwood out of our life and you are the only one who can do that by choosing to pray to the Lord Jesus and turn away from the deadwood. You must take hold of all the deadwood in your life and you must cast it away from yourself.

Christians are being controlled by the deadwood in their life. They say they struggle with sin everyday. They say that they are struggling. I myself have had these struggles. It is deadwood sins of the flesh that must be cast away from yourself and you must choose to do it today and don't let them rule you anymore. Why must you let lousy ways of the devil rule you? You don't have to be ruled by anything, no drugs no sin. All you have to do is cast that deadwood away from you in the name of Jesus Christ who died to set you free from these things and it has to leave you in the name of Jesus because you have power through Jesus Christ when you follow Jesus to put this stuff out of your life. This deadwood, cut it off and throw it away from yourself. Don't allow any deadwood on you.

Remove it from your life and throw it away, cast it away. The power lies in you when you realise that you don't have to be weak and under the power of deadwood anymore, but you can stand up like a man and woman of God, and in the name of Jesus you can take this deadwood out of your life and cast it from you as hard as you can and never look back. Dear friends the choice and the power is in your hands when you choose to follow Jesus Christ so you must bind and cut off this deadwood in the name of Jesus Christ today, now, and cast it from you.

No longer look back at these things and you will not struggle with sin no more. Sin struggle ends when you allow the power of Jesus, the power of the cross in your life. When you allow your faith to be bold and strong in Jesus Christ free from the ways of the flesh. Free from deadwood. Free from dross hindering your performance following Jesus. Hindering your boldness making you doubt because you are following Jesus doubleminded. you can be single minded and all your faith in Jesus, power and faith in Jesus. And when you lay your faith in Jesus like this power is in your life because you are bold. You can turn away from this evil, you can turn to the Lord. You can cast this deadwood away from you today. Get it out of your life, throw it away, away from you. It no longer has to rule you. What are you going to do about it today? Are you going to stand up, be strong and be a man and woman of Jesus Christ? It is your choice today! What is your choice?