Thursday, May 31, 2012

Freedom From Demons

Satan and his demons will try and impress their ways upon you. Certain evil desires and habits. All you need to do to be victorious dear friends is to say to the devil, that you do not accept what he is trying to put on you. Because that is what the devil is trying to do. He is the original sinner and his demons are trying to put onto you a way that will cause you to sin if you want to choose it.

He is trying to put onto you a certain evil way to cause you to accept it and then to go and sin and once you go and sin he has control over you. That is what the devil did in the garden of Eden. He put sin on a platter and handed it to Eve and tempted her with it and she ended up accepting the sin making it her own. That is how satan will do it to you dear friend. He hasn't changed he is the same. He will dress it up nice and good and his demons will impress it onto you and you think that it is your own desires and you go and accept it and you go and sin. That is how the devil gets control over you.

The way to be free from the devil is to repent of having sinned and in the future just following Jesus and when the devil and his demons come again with a desires or an evil way, all you have to do to turn away from it is to tell them that you do not accept what it is that they are putting onto you. And you just turn away from it and it is gone. You will have no more problem from that. Will you do it? Or will you let the devil control you? Will you choose what the devil puts on you? Will you accept these things that he impresses on you with his demons? So you just go the way of the demons and you become a sinner like them. We have to repent of our past and if we want to continue to sin no more, we must no longer continue to accept to have what the devil gives us. Are you doing this? Let us do it, for once we are born again we are children of God and we don't need to accept anything that the devil puts on us. Praise the Lord......