Monday, May 21, 2012

FAITH: Do You Truly Possess It?

As followers of Jesus we have to have faith in his name. It is only by faith that you can please the Lord. Not by might not by power or anything else but faith. You have to believe and you have to trust Jesus in all aspects of your life if you want to be pleasing to the Lord God and if you want to enter his kingdom. It is only through faith that you can be saved no other way. If you cannot trust Jesus, then how can you leave your sin? If you cannot go to him in faith, how can you be set free from your evil? Jesus alone can set you free from all your sin and all your evil and all the things that you are doing today that you need to repent of. And if you do indeed repent of them he will faithfully set you free and give you the power to choose the right way.

But it also means you will go into the fire. You are not going to be free from not going into the fires of trial. When You choose Jesus and obey him, you are going to be tested and your faith is going to be tested. The Lord is going to allow you to go through trial, but blessed is he lays his faith in the Lord throughout trial and tribulation and temptation that when he has been tried and tested he will inherit the crown of life. Do you want the crown of life dear friends? Then you must have faith in Jesus unwavering. It doesn't matter if you don't hear Jesus, it doesn't matter if you don't see Jesus. It doesn't matter if you are not experiencing anything like what the other brethren are experiencing about Jesus, what matters is your faith in Jesus nothing else. You don't have to see, feel or hear, your have to believe you have to have faith.

That is how it works down here, it is through faith alone. If you cannot have faith in Jesus Christ then you certainly cannot repent, leave your sins and follow the narrow way following him, because you don't even trust him. You are not going to have his power in your life, you are going to doubt him all the time. Every time you are faced with a hard situation in your life you are going to run to your own flesh to fix the problem you arent going to trust in Jesus. You have to have faith in the Lord Jesus for ALL parts of your life. When you are going through trials and you think Jesus doesn't hear you, that is lack of faith. You don't doubt Jesus you hang onto him. Don't doubt your faith in the Lord. When you go through hard times and tribulations you have to trust Jesus you don't go by your own power and then go back to the world. People who backslide and they go back to the worlds way and they go back to their sins and they go back to their old life, they loose faith in Jesus. They got no faith in Jesus, they left their faith they are not in the good fight of faith no more. Faith means you turn away from your sins. Faith means that you reject the ways of your old paths because Jesus has set you free and you continue walking on the narrow way. Faith means you don't leave the narrow way and go back to foolish sins.

Faith means you don't worry about the future. Faith means you put all your trust in Jesus and even in times that are hard and things are very hard for you because you are carrying your cross and you are going through the fire, even so you have peace because you have faith in Jesus. Faith is in trusting in the hope of promise we have that we don't see that we know is real. Faith is knowing that you are going to enter the kingdom of God if you stay with Jesus, turn away from your evil and continue with him on the narrow way. Faith means you pray all the time. Do you have faith? Faith is the only way to enter the kingdom my friend. FAITH! Do your possess faith? ...