Monday, May 7, 2012

Christian Workers Of Satan

We must live always 100% free from sin. People like to tell me that you can never be completely free from sin and it is ok to sin a little bit. I want to tell you why it is so important to leave all sin. Within me I get certain desires of evil that I can go and just carry out. But they will bear consequences, I shall reap what I sow. Within you you may have desires of lust, desires of evil, murderous desires, thieving desires. I tell you truly my friends, if you follow even one of those desires they will take you to hell if you follow them. People say well a little bit of sin we are all going to sin it is just human nature. No it is not. I can tell you now if I give into my evil I am a wicked person. Just one of those desires I have to give into is all it takes to be completely evil and sold out to the devil. 

Not even one desire is ok my friends not one sin. You cannot excuse even one of your desires. You cannot excuse even one of your sins. Not one little sin. People say to me well you cannot give up all sin it is impossible if you are human. My friends I tell you truly if I give into these desires that I have inside I know I would be a very wicked and evil person. You would not even want to know me my friends. I cannot give into one single desires nobody in the world can tell me I can go and do it and it is going to be fine. You know what I tell them? I tell them they are dreaming. Do you think I can go and give into a desire and go and sin. You know what I tell them? I tell them they are from the devil. If you are going around and telling people that is is ok to give into your sin You are actually being satan you are satans mouthpiece. Because that is what the devil does. He tried to get Eve to sin. He succeeded in doing it. He used that one little desire my friends and he told them it is ok this once.

 Don't work for the devil my friends you leave all your sins. Never tell somebody that they cannot stop sinning you are going to end up in the fires of hell. You have to turn to Jesus Christ. Only he can set you free from these wicked paths so you can be holy and acceptable to Jesus Christ who died for you because that is true repentance and all those who repent this way will be forgiven. May Jesus bless you and Jesus alone can set you free from sin so you better repent and turn to him.