Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Can Unbelievers Or Sinning Christians Be Saved?

Many people come and they say to me, "Well Jesus will save us if we are doing some sins, as long as we believe in Jesus." Other people like to say, "As long as we are good people and as long as we turn away from what is truly evil in the sight of God and we strive to obey good ways in our heart, we can enter the kingdom." But I want to tell you I do not like your chances. It is fine if you want to believe that.

If you want to believe that you can still continue to sin despite all your scriptures, but still believe in Jesus and enter the kingdom and you will be saved. It is up for Jesus to decide that, but I don't like your chances. I wouldn't want to take that chance for such a terrible consequence. And as for people who reject Jesus but try to be good people, I don't like their chances of getting into the kingdom either.

Again that is up to Jesus to decide if people will enter the kingdom or if they wont. It is not up to me, it is not up to the bible, it is up to Jesus. But I don't like your chances. Those chances look very slim my friends from what I have heard of the truth written in the bible and what Jesus has said to many people and on the Lords dealing about sin in the past and about what Jesus said about him being the only way to enter the kingdom, I DO NOT LIKE YOUR CHANCES DEAR FRIEND.

If you want to take the risk of not obeying Jesus, nor following him, or not believing in him. If you are ok with that risk that is up to you, but as for me I am dedicating my life to the Lord. I am going to continue to be in the freedom from sin that Jesus has given me and turn away from all future temptation and evil of any kind. And I will just continue to fear the Lord with fear and trembling work out my salvation and strive on the narrow way keeping my robes clean from all evil. I know if I do this I have a big chance of entering the kingdom. Not only a big chance but an actual promise. You have only got a slim, slim chance if even that. Why don't you decide to commit to the Lord Jesus today and obey him in all you do.

Enter the promise instead of relying on chances, vain hope, that could end in the biggest disaster of your life. The invitation is still open Jesus still accepts people who repent, turn from all their sins and accept him as their Lord and saviour and dedicate their life to obeying him in all they do, Jesus still accepts them. All you have to do is repent and accept him too. But you are going to have to choose that and make that decision for your own life. I cannot make you that decision only you can do that. I bless you on the decision you decide to make today and your decision will carry its own consequences. May Jesus bless you......