Thursday, May 31, 2012

Freedom From Demons

Satan and his demons will try and impress their ways upon you. Certain evil desires and habits. All you need to do to be victorious dear friends is to say to the devil, that you do not accept what he is trying to put on you. Because that is what the devil is trying to do. He is the original sinner and his demons are trying to put onto you a way that will cause you to sin if you want to choose it.

He is trying to put onto you a certain evil way to cause you to accept it and then to go and sin and once you go and sin he has control over you. That is what the devil did in the garden of Eden. He put sin on a platter and handed it to Eve and tempted her with it and she ended up accepting the sin making it her own. That is how satan will do it to you dear friend. He hasn't changed he is the same. He will dress it up nice and good and his demons will impress it onto you and you think that it is your own desires and you go and accept it and you go and sin. That is how the devil gets control over you.

The way to be free from the devil is to repent of having sinned and in the future just following Jesus and when the devil and his demons come again with a desires or an evil way, all you have to do to turn away from it is to tell them that you do not accept what it is that they are putting onto you. And you just turn away from it and it is gone. You will have no more problem from that. Will you do it? Or will you let the devil control you? Will you choose what the devil puts on you? Will you accept these things that he impresses on you with his demons? So you just go the way of the demons and you become a sinner like them. We have to repent of our past and if we want to continue to sin no more, we must no longer continue to accept to have what the devil gives us. Are you doing this? Let us do it, for once we are born again we are children of God and we don't need to accept anything that the devil puts on us. Praise the Lord......

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keeping The 10 Commandments, Muslim Jews Christian

The Muslim way cannot save you. The Muslims pray 5 times a day to the God of Abraham. That is what they believe. They believe Abraham is their father and they follow all the rules and stipulations as what they believed was given to them by the god of Abraham whom they call Allah. To them you must not eat shellfish and certain meats. They were very religious about it.

If you are a real muslims you do not eat anything but proper halal food. You must pray religiously 5 times a day focusing toward the right place. They believe that if you follow there moral standards that they have written down in their laws, you will inherit Gods kingdom. They believe that as long as you keep all these things, if you train you wife to obey you, you have lots of children, you don't drink alcohol, you do many things. Many religious commandments. They believe that this is what will save them on the last day. They reject JEsus because they already have their way to salvation which is to keep their law which they believe comes from the god of Abraham. Now Christians do that same thing.

They believe that the God of Abraham and that if we follow only him we are going to be saved. They don't realise that the God of Abraham sent Jesus Christ to save you. And that the old way of keeping all those laws has gone and it is no longer the way to be saved. They believe, many of these Christians, believe that we got to keep the 600 odd laws of the Torah and all the religions commandment and the believe strictly that we must keep the 10 commandments strictly. Yet they do not follow Jesus they do not obey the ways of Jesus. They are too blinded in keeping their religions way like the muslims that they start to live on the wrong path like the muslims do. They just don't know Jesus, he is not their saviour. The Muslims agree that Jesus came in the flesh, they agree that he was a great man, he did lots of good teachings they say. They believe that he will return again and he will tell them that we all got to listen to Muhammad and Allah.

That is what the Muslims believe, now the Christians who follow the Jewish was also believe this in their own way. They believe that Jesus was a great prophet, but they believe that Jesus will tell you to follow the 10 commandments and the laws of the Torah to be saved. They don't believe truly that is is through being born again of the spirit that you can enter the kingdom only. They don't believe that you have to be born again from above before you can enter the kingdom of God. They think it is by religion laws and commandments that we can be saved so they are busy like the Muslims trying to be the best Jewish Christian that they can be yet they don't have faith in Jesus. They profess him, like the Muslims, they say that he is a great man, a great prophet, but they don't actually believe in him nor follow him. He is not their salvation, their salvation is the Torah. Their salvation are the commandments from Abraham all the way down to Abraham like the Muslims. You see these Jewish Christians and Muslims are the same. They way they are saved they believe is by keeping these commandments to be a good Muslim or good Christians Jewish person.

A good follower of the old law. A good old testament keeper. That is what they believe. they do not realise that Jesus Christ is the new way to be saved and the only way to be saved. The only that was ever to be saved by. Because they do not realise that people like David and Moses and all those people, they were not worthy to enter the kingdom of God, no dear friend, it wasn't until Jesus died and carried their sins that they could become born again and then enter Gods kingdom. That is why Jesus spoke of paradise in the bible, where he said that Abraham was in paradise. He wasn't in the kingdom of heaven, he was in paradise. which was near hell. Beside hell. There was a big gulf fixed between the places and one was more of a place of rest and the other was a place of complete torment. But it wasn't the kingdom of heaven dear friends. Why? Because they were not worthy to enter because they had already broken the law. David had killed people. Moses had disobeyed God. These people had broken the commandments. They were not worthy to enter the kingdom of God. There is only one person that entered the kingdom of God dear soul. Who was that? It was Jesus Christ. Why? He was the perfect son of God. he was guiltless, no sin and he was able to walk into the kingdom of God by the power of God that rested upon him. Why? Because he and God were one and he was God in the flesh.

That is why. So it was only at that time that any of these great people could enter the kingdom. Moses, Abraham, all these people. They were all sinners to dear soul. They died in their sin. Of corse they kept the commands as best they could but they had broken them before. Look David had broken the commandment to not commit adultery. Look at that, he was guilty of hell fire because it says that those who break the law shall be condemned. So you are busy trying to trust in the law keeping the Moses commandments when you are already condemned by those commandments because you didn't keep them all. Only Jesus Christ was able to fully satisfy the whole law of God and it wasn't through religions traditions as we know because Jesus rebuked the pharisees for religions traditions like hand washing and certain foods and all this kind of thing. It wasn't through religions traditions, no, the true law of God was the heart of God following the right way.

And Jesus was able to satisfy this. Nobody else was able to do this not even Abraham. You claim Abraham as you father yet you and Abraham have already broken the law. Dear friends we have one father and that is the father in heaven. And the father in heaven made the way to be saved from the beginning of the earth, he didn't bring the torah to save you. The torah was to keep moral standards in this world. To curb evil because of the hardness of their hearts. The torah didn't exist before Moses so we simply cant trust in trying to obey the Torah to enter Gods kingdom, it just isn't going to work. Because until you have a new heart until you have a new spirit, until you have been born again from above, you are never going to keep the right way that the Lord requires you to keep, it is going to be impossible for you. You are not going to be able to enter the kingdom because your old ways are still going to condemn you without being born again from above.

You see having faith in Jesus Christ is truly the only way that you can ever enter Gods kingdom. So we no longer need to be striving to keep the Torah and the commandments however we should be striving to obey the Lord Jesus and what he shows us to do in our hearts and his words we must obey. The Lord Jesus doesn't commend way, he doesn't commend killing, he doesn't comment hate, he ways we must give, he says to turn the other cheek, don't fight, you are not of this world but a different world do not involve in the ways of this world that is what Jesus said. You see when we are born from above we are no longer like the old way, like the muslims or the Jews of the Jewish Christians striving to follow the earthly commands. No we have our hearts and spirits changed by God so we are free to obey Jesus and go where he leads and keep the law of love in all righteousness in all peace in all hope in all strength because our faith is on the rock of Christ. Do not be deceived, the Muslim way cannot earn you a place in the kingdom of God, you must be born again through Jesus Christ. May the Lord Jesus be with you......

The Old Testament God Never Changed

The old testament lord God of Israel never changed he is the same yesterday today and forever. So what has changed? Ever since the beginning of the world the lord God of Israel loved people. He created male and female according to how he designed them to live. But ever since the beginning people fell away and they followed their own lusts and desires and did what was wrong in the sight of the Lord so the Lord God was sorry he made people so he sent a flood and he destroyed what he had made except one righteous man and his family and the Lord God made a covenant with this man saying he would never against destroy the world with a worldwide flood like that again. Now the Lord God will destroy the world oneday with fire, but not again with a flood. Ever since the beginning of time, the Lord God and JEsus Christ existed together as one. One God. Jesus said that himself, he said before Abraham was I AM. Jesus was crucified from the foundations of the world that means that the Lord God had already made up how he would save people who turn away from him. He already made the way to be saved even before he created anybody.

So the way to be saved was always through Jesus Christ the son of God who is the Lord God himself, the form of the son, and the Lord God made this promise to the prophets and to moses and to the Israelites and to Abraham that the Messiah would come to die for the sins of the people and while that promise was going to be made the Lord God sent a law to keep order, a school master to ready people for the coming of the Messiah it was called the law of Moses and the 10 commandments. The idea of the law of Moses and the 10 commandments was to keep people apart from the ways of the world and separated unto the Lord God so that when the Messiah comes they would choose him. The old law was the schoolmaster but it didn't save people. People who died under the law went to paradise if they repented and accepted the Lord because the Lord and Jesus are one. People who died who didn't repent of their evil ways and continued following sin and wickedness and they didnt obey or follow the Lord God of Israel, they ended up in the fires of hell like the the rich man who JEsus spoke of who was wealthy and didn't regard for the poor and he ended up in hell. That was before Jesus died for the sins of the world. While Abraham who didn't have the Torah yet feared and obeyed God and left the sins of the flesh which everybody has as conscience since the days Adam walked the earth, he entered paradise. But he couldn't enter the kingdom because he wasnt born again. You cannot be born again except you go through Jesus Christ. You see Jesus Christ was crucified from the foundations of the world and the saints waited patiently until the day that the Lord came and released them and took them to the kingdom of heaven.

Because Jesus came as he promised and he die for the sins of the people and for all the people before who had looked forward to this and had faith in this wonderful promise that they saw from afar far off. They ever experienced it but they had faith in it, Jesus saved all those people. And all the people who are now living with the promise of Jesus Christ as the reality in real life right here and now, he still is the only way to salvation. God never changed. He never made salvation through the Torah. He never made salvation any other way, he only brought about a school master to keep law and order on the earth until the Lord Jesus came to show the people his true heart. You see law breakers who didn't repent ended up in hell still. and those who did repent even those who were wicked in the past and had murdered or had done sin, if they did repent and they were repentant before the Lord God of israel then they were going to be saved by Jesus Christ and their sins forgiven. You see Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved and he always was the only way to be saved and he always is going to be the only way to be saved. Even before humans beings were created on this earth he still was the only way that people could be saved and made right before the Lord God because he was the sacrificial lamb that was planned to die for the world even before the world was created.

Because the Lord God wanted all people to have a chance to be saved and so he put within them a conscience to know what is right and wrong without being told and then they had to obey their conscience and whether they were going to obey the Lord God of Israel or whether they were going to go on in their wickedness. And the Lord will judge people according to that. You see we have JEsus Christ to follow and obey. Christians still try to follow the 10 commandments to be saved. But Jesus Christ didn't do away with the 10 commandments. Those commandments were also around before the beginning of time although Abraham wasn't given those commandments, he still knew them in his heart because of his conscience. You see the commandments are the basic righteousness of the Lord God in heaven and JEsus fulfils all those commandments. You see the commandments say that we must not murder, Jesus said that we must not murder and he stipulated what murder is. He said that murder is thinking evil in your heart towards people. The law says not to commit adultery but Jesus said that not only must you not commit adultery but you also must not look in lust cause that is adultery too. Jesus brought about the law of love that was made possible by a chance of heart which is what happens when you get born again. It can only happen dear friend, you can only change and get a new spirit and a new heart by the Lord when you get born again by the Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise you just got a promise afar off like the prophets had. About what was going to happen in the future. But it has already happened now so here we are in the time and age of grace where we can be born again on this earth and not have to wait for paradise. Dear friends it is time to get born again. You see the fourth commandments people get all confused about that one, the sabbath.

Jesus Christ fulfilled the sabbath also. When we are born again and rest in Christ we fulfil the sabbath commandment. And we must obey and follow the Lord of the sabbath everyday for did not even David eat of the forbidden bread on the alter on the sabbath. This is what the pharisees tried to accuse the disciples of, eating on the sabbath (working). You see Jesus is LORD of the sabbath. Now if you don't want to work on the sabbath that is all well and good. You do what you must do for the Lord Jesus Christ. But we no longer have to follow the written letter of the law because now we have Jesus Christ who those people didn't have. They only had the old school master. The prophets and moses only had the old schoolmaster. But we got Jesus Christ now. So we got to obey him and he is going to tell you what to do. IF you get to know him he is going to tell you what you must do. He is going to tell you what you must not do and he is going to show you what you must go and do which is a little bit more that what the written letter of the law can tell you. You see he is the new way. He came and fulfilled the old way and the schoolmaster made way for the new way which is through Jesus Christ who always was and always is. Now since the Lord God of Israel has never changed and he always was who he is and will be in the future, you must know dear friend that you can never get away from living a sinful life. You see in the old days in the past when a nation forsook God and when they lived in immorality and sin and when it reached a height that overflowed the cup, God always destroyed that nation completely, men women and children until there was none left. He brought judgement upon wicked nations like this. The same happened to Sodom and he was going to do it to Ninveah he was going to completely destroy them too because they had reached the point when their cup of iniquity had overflowed. You see God hasn't changed, he will do it again. He did it to Rome. He brought many nations to an end between Jesus' day and today.

He will do it again because this generation is forsaking God and their cup of iniquity is overflowing. So that is why if you do not want to share in the wrath that is coming upon the unjust and those who love a lie and follow the ways of the devil, you must turn away from their path because the Lord God hasn't changed. he will still do away with them man, woman and child until there is none left once the point has been reached that they must be dealt with. However the Lord God is and always was long suffering. He always allows his people to repent. He always sends warnings. he always shakes them. He shakes a nation trying to warn it to repent. He gives people ample time to repent and turn to Jesus Christ. he enables people to turn away from their sin and be saved. He gives them many many years but finally there always comes a time with God when the Lord God of Israel says enough is enough and he draw the sword and he puts an end to wickedness because he hates sin. Really he hates sin. The Lord God has changed my friends he is going to do the same in this day and this age. He is going to draw the sword and he is going to destroy the people who do not turn away from sin and repent after he has warned them. After he has given them chance after chance to turn. Finally if they have finally made their final decision then he goes into action and he renders upon them his mighty justice. You see with God you can never fool him. What you sow is what you will reap.

You must honour and respect the Lord God of Israel who sent Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation and he has never changed, he is still the God of the old testament and the God of the new testament. He is the same and he always was the same and he always will be the same, he hates sin but he loves righteousness and holiness and he expects you to walk on that path following his son JEsus. If you want to please the Lord God then you need to walk on the path of righteousness fulfilling the commandments of his son Jesus and that delights the Lord. There is no other way, you can try and strive to keep the sabbath but you will not please God at all because you rant believing and following his son Jesus and you are trying to rely on the old schoolmaster to be saved and that doesn't please God at all. He is only please with those who really strive to turn away from their evil and instead they embrues the Lord JEsus and seek to follow him in all they do. He is mighty pleased with those people, in face he said that is the work of man.

Jesus himself said that, he said that the work of man is to belie in Jesus, to believe in me. So dear friends never be deceived by Torah keeping by all these laws by all these written commandments like the Muslims try to keep, and the Jews, Dear friends God has never changed, he is always the same his commandments are fulfilled in Jesus Christ and when you obey and follow Jesus Christ you are obeying and fulfilling the whole law when you listen to Jesus and do what Jesus tells you what to do. Because Jesus hear and he speaks and he leads and guides in your heart and he will show you where to go and what to say and who to give and who to give and who to help and he will put these things into your heart to test you to see if you really love him and if you want to be filled with his love and he is going to allow you to be tested to see if you really would turn away from your sins and be filled with his love, Dear friends it is time to dedicate to Jesus Christ only and leave trying to keep the Torah law and all the written things.

Leave it behind and embrues the way that was of old which is Jesus Christ who was crucified since the foundation of the world and you must follow and obey him resting in his victory which is your sabbath. Now dear friends let us separate ourselves from the World and follow Jesus and obey him where ever we possibly can with all our hearts in the name of the Lord. In the name of the Lord mighty God may Jesus bless you.....

Monday, May 21, 2012

FAITH: Do You Truly Possess It?

As followers of Jesus we have to have faith in his name. It is only by faith that you can please the Lord. Not by might not by power or anything else but faith. You have to believe and you have to trust Jesus in all aspects of your life if you want to be pleasing to the Lord God and if you want to enter his kingdom. It is only through faith that you can be saved no other way. If you cannot trust Jesus, then how can you leave your sin? If you cannot go to him in faith, how can you be set free from your evil? Jesus alone can set you free from all your sin and all your evil and all the things that you are doing today that you need to repent of. And if you do indeed repent of them he will faithfully set you free and give you the power to choose the right way.

But it also means you will go into the fire. You are not going to be free from not going into the fires of trial. When You choose Jesus and obey him, you are going to be tested and your faith is going to be tested. The Lord is going to allow you to go through trial, but blessed is he lays his faith in the Lord throughout trial and tribulation and temptation that when he has been tried and tested he will inherit the crown of life. Do you want the crown of life dear friends? Then you must have faith in Jesus unwavering. It doesn't matter if you don't hear Jesus, it doesn't matter if you don't see Jesus. It doesn't matter if you are not experiencing anything like what the other brethren are experiencing about Jesus, what matters is your faith in Jesus nothing else. You don't have to see, feel or hear, your have to believe you have to have faith.

That is how it works down here, it is through faith alone. If you cannot have faith in Jesus Christ then you certainly cannot repent, leave your sins and follow the narrow way following him, because you don't even trust him. You are not going to have his power in your life, you are going to doubt him all the time. Every time you are faced with a hard situation in your life you are going to run to your own flesh to fix the problem you arent going to trust in Jesus. You have to have faith in the Lord Jesus for ALL parts of your life. When you are going through trials and you think Jesus doesn't hear you, that is lack of faith. You don't doubt Jesus you hang onto him. Don't doubt your faith in the Lord. When you go through hard times and tribulations you have to trust Jesus you don't go by your own power and then go back to the world. People who backslide and they go back to the worlds way and they go back to their sins and they go back to their old life, they loose faith in Jesus. They got no faith in Jesus, they left their faith they are not in the good fight of faith no more. Faith means you turn away from your sins. Faith means that you reject the ways of your old paths because Jesus has set you free and you continue walking on the narrow way. Faith means you don't leave the narrow way and go back to foolish sins.

Faith means you don't worry about the future. Faith means you put all your trust in Jesus and even in times that are hard and things are very hard for you because you are carrying your cross and you are going through the fire, even so you have peace because you have faith in Jesus. Faith is in trusting in the hope of promise we have that we don't see that we know is real. Faith is knowing that you are going to enter the kingdom of God if you stay with Jesus, turn away from your evil and continue with him on the narrow way. Faith means you pray all the time. Do you have faith? Faith is the only way to enter the kingdom my friend. FAITH! Do your possess faith? ...

Is Your Heart STONEY?

Some wheat fell on the good ground and it grew up, and the seed that fell on the good ground was the good mans heart who heard the word and obeyed it. He did the word. Dear friends to get to this stage where you can bear some 30 fold, some 60 fold as much as the one seed that was planted, to get to this stage you have to obey the words of Jesus as he said: The good man, the good ground had faith, heard the way to salvation, obeyed the commandments, repented, turned from his sin and followed Jesus.

And this is what he bears, some 30 fold, some 60 fold and some 100 fold. Many seeds fall on the stoney ground then the seed grows but then it dies and withers up and becomes nothing. It gets all yellow and get choked out by the cares of this world, by the weeds, and by the tares. This wheat, this seed, is the heart of those who hear the world, who hear the way to salvation, the narrow way of denying self and following Jesus and obeying his commands, but they have no roots and the cares and desires of this world come up and choke out the seed. They bear no fruit, they are Christians who just follow the ways of this world, their seed has died they have no faith. Others are planted on the stoney ground and on the stoney ground the sun came up and scorched the plant, the wheat, and it died as soon as it sprouted. That is those who hear the word but the enemy comes and snatches away the seed and it dies. They are straight back into the world doing their sin all over again. Many people hear the way to Jesus but few actually apply his words and very few produce fruits. Do you have fruit in your spiritual walk?

Has the seed grown up and born fruit for the Lord? Or is your seed dead in your sin? What kind of fruits do you have today? Are your fruits the fruits of the spirit of faith in Jesus, in holiness, righteousness, other souls for the kingdom of God leading others into holiness, Bearing fruit some 50 fold some 100 fold for Jesus. Is that your fruit? Or is your seed dead, dead in your worries, dead in the weeds, dead in the cares of this world. Or has the enemy snatched away your seed and you believed lies from the devil so that your seed has died in the stoney ground. What is it for you today? What are you going to do with the words of truth I give you today?...

Saturday, May 19, 2012


The only way to overcome the flesh and its desires and the things it is trying to get you to fall to today, is to have all your focus on Jesus Christ. Because when people are focused on Jesus, there is a certain supernatural power they can get from the Lord when they are able to turn away from temptation and from evil within them. If you want to be able to experience this new walk, this new way where you can have victory over the desires and things your flesh wants you to do, and if you no longer want to be bound in guilt and shame because you know you are doing things you know you shouldn't do, then it is time to focus all of you on Jesus.

Because it is only when you focus all of yourself on Jesus and you live your life in prayer to him, that you can overcome. You cannot do it without him. Without him you wouldn't be able to find the right way you would continue to fall to your evil. It is only if you decide to choose the narrow way by denying your flesh and picking up your cross and going and focusing on Jesus, it is only if you do that that you can have the power to be perfect as the Lord commands. Because he is the one who puts his love into you and shows you the right way that you should go in your life. But if we are continuing to follow our flesh and its dictates and the things it wants us to do, then we are going to perish. It is only if you take out the distractions from your life and you get serious about Jesus and you focus on him properly and you give yourself to him you spend time speaking to the Lord and you turn away in your heart from what is evil, you turn away from it and instead you focus on Jesus.

It is only if you do that that you can experience the narrow way of overcoming till the end so that you too can be saved. Dear friend we need to focus only on Jesus. Get out focus off all these other things, they are only a destruction from the devil so you will not be victorious over your flesh. For Jesus got the victory and it is through him that he will set you free from sin and it is through him that you will be able to walk a new way a narrow way of holiness. It is always through Jesus nothing else. You cannot do it on your own power, you need Jesus. You need to focus on Jesus. He will give you the strength and the power to overcome, be holy, and deny the flesh. Focus on Jesus, focus only on Jesus......

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Can Unbelievers Or Sinning Christians Be Saved?

Many people come and they say to me, "Well Jesus will save us if we are doing some sins, as long as we believe in Jesus." Other people like to say, "As long as we are good people and as long as we turn away from what is truly evil in the sight of God and we strive to obey good ways in our heart, we can enter the kingdom." But I want to tell you I do not like your chances. It is fine if you want to believe that.

If you want to believe that you can still continue to sin despite all your scriptures, but still believe in Jesus and enter the kingdom and you will be saved. It is up for Jesus to decide that, but I don't like your chances. I wouldn't want to take that chance for such a terrible consequence. And as for people who reject Jesus but try to be good people, I don't like their chances of getting into the kingdom either.

Again that is up to Jesus to decide if people will enter the kingdom or if they wont. It is not up to me, it is not up to the bible, it is up to Jesus. But I don't like your chances. Those chances look very slim my friends from what I have heard of the truth written in the bible and what Jesus has said to many people and on the Lords dealing about sin in the past and about what Jesus said about him being the only way to enter the kingdom, I DO NOT LIKE YOUR CHANCES DEAR FRIEND.

If you want to take the risk of not obeying Jesus, nor following him, or not believing in him. If you are ok with that risk that is up to you, but as for me I am dedicating my life to the Lord. I am going to continue to be in the freedom from sin that Jesus has given me and turn away from all future temptation and evil of any kind. And I will just continue to fear the Lord with fear and trembling work out my salvation and strive on the narrow way keeping my robes clean from all evil. I know if I do this I have a big chance of entering the kingdom. Not only a big chance but an actual promise. You have only got a slim, slim chance if even that. Why don't you decide to commit to the Lord Jesus today and obey him in all you do.

Enter the promise instead of relying on chances, vain hope, that could end in the biggest disaster of your life. The invitation is still open Jesus still accepts people who repent, turn from all their sins and accept him as their Lord and saviour and dedicate their life to obeying him in all they do, Jesus still accepts them. All you have to do is repent and accept him too. But you are going to have to choose that and make that decision for your own life. I cannot make you that decision only you can do that. I bless you on the decision you decide to make today and your decision will carry its own consequences. May Jesus bless you......


Few Christians fear God. How can I say that? I say that because few Christians believe that they have to dedicate their lives to obeying Jesus and leaving all works of iniquity. Few. The rich man that Jesus spoke of lived a life of pleasing himself and when he died he was clapped straight into hell. He was not given one single chance. He went straight to hell. Christians do not fear God. Why do you not realise that the Lord is not your bar buddy, he is not your friends who just fits in with you. Either you fit in with Jesus and what he says or you are kicked out and straight to hell. You will not pass go, nor collect 200.

You will be clapped straight in hell if you die in your sins that you are doing today. God has no mercy on sin that you do not turn away from. No mercy. He had no mercy on all those in Noah's day. They went straight to hell. He has no mercy on those who do not dedicate their lives to obeying the true gospel, but they go on in their own pleasures, like everybody else, and then they die. There is no mercy for them once you die that is it. God ends any chance of receiving mercy.

Now we have mercy while we are alive through Jesus Christ who did indeed die for our sins. That is where our mercy is so you better accept his terms. His terms are that you believe upon him and you dedicate your life to following him. He doesn't allow you to go off and walk in your own paths.

I have a friend and brother in Christ who did just that, and he paid very very dearly. But the Lord extended his mercy and allowed this brother to come back instead of clapping him straight into hell. This brother accepted it and came back. Now if you do not accept the warning to come back and then you die, then it is over for you, OVER.

You have to be serious about your relationship with following Jesus and obeying all his commands of holiness in all areas of your life, and that goes for me too. Because Jesus is mercy. He is Gods mercy. Only Jesus, there is no other mercy. You cannot find mercy any other way at all. There is only mercy to be found in obeying the commandments of the Lord and trusting in Jesus Christ. That is where you get mercy. that is where you will not be sent to hell for your sins that you are already condemned for if he had not died for you.

That is why you can be so grateful today that Jesus has set you free from sin if you really believe in him. But I tell you now if you are not set free from sin and you are still living a life of sin and you are doing your own will, and you are living your own live chasing after what you want to do and God is not part of that, you are going to be clapped straight in hell if you die just like the rich man. Do you FEAR GOD?

Fearing God is more than going to church it is more than saying you believe in Jesus. Fearing God means you realise that the Lord is like a lion who can devour you if he wants yet he will not while you have life for he offers you the chance of salvation every single day through Jesus and leaving your sin.

But if you reject the only way and you just go on in following what you want to do and sinning everyday in your lusts and in your sin everything. Actually committing acts of sin in your flesh everyday. The time will come and the mercy time of chance that you have of this way and get serious about Jesus and leave your sin will END. And what happens then?

You will go straight to hell without even passing go nor collecting 200 you will be straight in HELL. Do you fear God who has the power to not only take your life, but to then cast your soul into the eternal fires of hell? Do you fear God? Are you one of the few Christians who fear the Lord their God enough to dedicate their life to him and obey his every command knowing he is not their bar buddy, and he is not their friend that fits in with them. He is their friend of holiness and righteousness and he doesn't change you have to turn to him and dedicate your life to him. Your life right now is Gods mercy because you haven't died yet and you havnt been clapped into hell. Wake up dear soul, fear God and be serious about Jesus and dedicate your life to him…....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Followers of Jesus and people who are dedicated to the narrow way and who have come to Jesus and they have set their lives apart for him, they will be tempted. Do not be surprised when you come against many temptations and many trials and may uprisings in your flesh trying to bring you back to the broad way that you have left. As a follower of Jesus and somebody who is dedicated to seeking the Lord and following him and obeying his commandments, you are going to get opposition. So you have to set yourself up and stand against the opposition on the rock of Christ. It is when you stand against the opposition on the rock, your house shall not fall. 

You must dedicate your life and your strength and all you are to focusing on Jesus Christ so that you will not fall during temptation. Temptation will come. These things will come. Your flesh will try to rise up against you and bring you back to its submission. Dear souls I want to warn you today that you are not going to be without battles and trials and temptations of sin from the devil in your walk. You will never be free from those things until you have overcome them until the end. Because that is what Jesus and the apostles all warned about in the scriptures, we are to endure until the end under temptation and overcome and we shall receive the crown of life. 

When you follow the dictates of the flesh and what it wants you to do and the temptations from the devil you shall die unless you turn away from them and repent. But if you put those things to death daily by focusing on Jesus you shall live. When you have desires and troubles that are arising up inside your flesh, yourself, these things are not sin until you act upon these things. When you have these things rise up inside of you, turn them away by focusing on Jesus and following the spirit and thus crucifying them by the power of your faith in Jesus Christ because you are building your house on the rock of Christ. Your weapon is the rock, when you strongly and firmly have your faith in Jesus Christ you know that he is leading you to his kingdom because you interact with him and he has died for your sins and you are confident.

You have build your house on this rock. And when you are standing on this rock despite all these temptations, despite the flesh rising up with evil desire within you, despite deception in the world you will never fall because you have all your faith in Jesus on the rock. So be strong my friends, be strong.

 Lay your faith in Christ and obey him in all you do. Be strong in the face of desire from your flesh. Be strong in the face of temptation from the devil. It is something you will have to work out before you can enter the kingdom. You have to work out whether you want to serve the flesh or the spirit. The Lord will allow you to fall into temptation to test your intentions to see how strong you really are going to be. Are you going to turn away from your love of sin or not? Let us always make the right choice my friends so that we too can inherit the kingdom of God. For the Lord is the victory for all those who trust him. And if you trust him and your love is for him you shall not fall not even to the worst of temptations nor desires.

Be strong my friends stand on the rock your faith is in the Lord. Who can fail? Since your faith is in the Lord who can be against you? For the Lord is with you. May he continue to lead you on the narrow way and bless you amen...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get Deadwood Out Of Your Life

Dear soul you must take a stand and get the driftwood out of your life. Break off the deadwood and cut it out from around you. Every tree that is dead wood is going to be cut down and cast into the fire by God. We who love Jesus must stop having sin and evil dictate us so that we are just deadwood useless to God. We have to get the dross and the deadwood out of our life and you are the only one who can do that by choosing to pray to the Lord Jesus and turn away from the deadwood. You must take hold of all the deadwood in your life and you must cast it away from yourself.

Christians are being controlled by the deadwood in their life. They say they struggle with sin everyday. They say that they are struggling. I myself have had these struggles. It is deadwood sins of the flesh that must be cast away from yourself and you must choose to do it today and don't let them rule you anymore. Why must you let lousy ways of the devil rule you? You don't have to be ruled by anything, no drugs no sin. All you have to do is cast that deadwood away from you in the name of Jesus Christ who died to set you free from these things and it has to leave you in the name of Jesus because you have power through Jesus Christ when you follow Jesus to put this stuff out of your life. This deadwood, cut it off and throw it away from yourself. Don't allow any deadwood on you.

Remove it from your life and throw it away, cast it away. The power lies in you when you realise that you don't have to be weak and under the power of deadwood anymore, but you can stand up like a man and woman of God, and in the name of Jesus you can take this deadwood out of your life and cast it from you as hard as you can and never look back. Dear friends the choice and the power is in your hands when you choose to follow Jesus Christ so you must bind and cut off this deadwood in the name of Jesus Christ today, now, and cast it from you.

No longer look back at these things and you will not struggle with sin no more. Sin struggle ends when you allow the power of Jesus, the power of the cross in your life. When you allow your faith to be bold and strong in Jesus Christ free from the ways of the flesh. Free from deadwood. Free from dross hindering your performance following Jesus. Hindering your boldness making you doubt because you are following Jesus doubleminded. you can be single minded and all your faith in Jesus, power and faith in Jesus. And when you lay your faith in Jesus like this power is in your life because you are bold. You can turn away from this evil, you can turn to the Lord. You can cast this deadwood away from you today. Get it out of your life, throw it away, away from you. It no longer has to rule you. What are you going to do about it today? Are you going to stand up, be strong and be a man and woman of Jesus Christ? It is your choice today! What is your choice? 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Christian Workers Of Satan

We must live always 100% free from sin. People like to tell me that you can never be completely free from sin and it is ok to sin a little bit. I want to tell you why it is so important to leave all sin. Within me I get certain desires of evil that I can go and just carry out. But they will bear consequences, I shall reap what I sow. Within you you may have desires of lust, desires of evil, murderous desires, thieving desires. I tell you truly my friends, if you follow even one of those desires they will take you to hell if you follow them. People say well a little bit of sin we are all going to sin it is just human nature. No it is not. I can tell you now if I give into my evil I am a wicked person. Just one of those desires I have to give into is all it takes to be completely evil and sold out to the devil. 

Not even one desire is ok my friends not one sin. You cannot excuse even one of your desires. You cannot excuse even one of your sins. Not one little sin. People say to me well you cannot give up all sin it is impossible if you are human. My friends I tell you truly if I give into these desires that I have inside I know I would be a very wicked and evil person. You would not even want to know me my friends. I cannot give into one single desires nobody in the world can tell me I can go and do it and it is going to be fine. You know what I tell them? I tell them they are dreaming. Do you think I can go and give into a desire and go and sin. You know what I tell them? I tell them they are from the devil. If you are going around and telling people that is is ok to give into your sin You are actually being satan you are satans mouthpiece. Because that is what the devil does. He tried to get Eve to sin. He succeeded in doing it. He used that one little desire my friends and he told them it is ok this once.

 Don't work for the devil my friends you leave all your sins. Never tell somebody that they cannot stop sinning you are going to end up in the fires of hell. You have to turn to Jesus Christ. Only he can set you free from these wicked paths so you can be holy and acceptable to Jesus Christ who died for you because that is true repentance and all those who repent this way will be forgiven. May Jesus bless you and Jesus alone can set you free from sin so you better repent and turn to him. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

When Your Time IS UP

Lets face it dear friends, if you had only a short time left to get yourself ready for Jesus would you do it? Lets face it. If you were given a week to be ready for the Lord Jesus, what would you change in your life if you knew that you were going to meet the Lord in some way in a week? where it would either be heaven or hell, glory and triumph or shame. What would you decide to put out of your life today and really decide. Really make up your mind about it today. What would you decide to turn away from today and put behind you, How strong would be decide to be in your choice against picking up another cigarette or taking some more beer, going to the bar? 

How serious would you be about turning away from another way, or another lustful throughout or lustful desire? How serious would you be about turning away from those things if you knew that it  was tomorrow that you were going to have to have a decision made about you heaven or hell because you will have to stand before the Lord tomorrow. How serious would you be then? Would you change some things in your life and go and tell some people you are sorry that you havnt made up to yet? Would you be serious enough to give your whole life to Jesus Christ, everything and stop hanging onto the paths of this world. Would you be so serious enough to go and turn away from every single sin that you have in your life that you know about? Would you dedicate your life to be completely obedient  to Jesus Christ between now and the end of the week if you knew that it was the end of the week that your time would be up and you would come to meet Jesus, whether it would be at his return or your death? How serious would you be if you knew that Jesus was going to return the next day? Would you change anything? Would you take a good look at why you aren't turning away from certain temptations and desires? Would you make the do or die effort knowing that it will be heaven or hell depending on which way you choose? 

We all know that if we follow Jesus and we obey his commandments and we turn away from our evil and we live for Jesus Christ, we all know that if we do that we will be saved. We have confidence in our salvation if we do obey Jesus and follow and obey his commandments without compromise.  So I want to ask you today, how serious are you about doing this?: Obeying Jesus, doing his commandments and leaving all your sins. How serious are you about that? If you knew that you had tomorrow to get ready, would you get ready in such a way that you would want the Lord Jesus Christ to say "Well done my good and faithful servant" because you are going about doing the will of the Lord you are not just living your own life. You are actually living for Jesus and sharing him where you can. Would you do that? It is a serious questions because the time will come soon where everybody is going to stand before the Lord in some way or other. And if you are not ready and your time is up then where will you be? And how do you know that you have another week? Nothing is guaranteed or assured. It could be tomorrow. Are you ready to meet JESUS?